final mix with vocals: need advice

Dam dude it sounding pretty dam good i think. Maybe you can find something to cut from guitars as the kinda sound like the fight things a bit in places. Even with that being said i dig the guitar tone and you already have a great mix going on. I dig your band too! :headbang:

Is that your 5150 on guitars?
Really nice sounding guitar tone, I like the big bottom end guitar sound myself.
The low frequency part of the mix is very busy though, the kick and the guitar
tend to swamp each other. Maybe you could do something to separate the
guitar and drums somewhat.
Thanks for comment!

Yes, It was recorded with my 5150 using impulses as always, and yes, I thinks there's too much low end, but I think is the bass sound, probably I will record the bass again...and decrease a bit lows in the kick.
thanks for the opinions! drums are programmed, I try to do a drum track that sound powerfull and accurate, but I try that I sound as a real drum as possible. This night I will post a new mix with a new bass sound and with some vocals redone.