Finally, some Backmask news...


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Mar 6, 2002
Backmask will release a single before the end of the year.

While we are very excited about the material we've written so far for the new album, we simply have not had time this year to complete it, and we certainly don't want to rush things.

However, we want to give you guys a preview of what's to come, so releasing a single makes a lot of sense. We're working hard to complete this as soon as possible, and more details will be announced as soon as we have them.

Thanks for your patience and understanding! :kickass:
In addition to Shane's comments, I must apologize to everyone out there in our fandom, for I have been MIA for a month. It seems that this time of year always ends up difficult for Shane and myself.

I have placed a lot of well-needed effort and demand into some endeavors outside of BACKMASK, but they seem to be paying off quite handsomely and soon I will again have the time and freedom to explore some more creativity. During the summer we were extremely productive, and I for one am very proud and excited for what we've put together. We are going to try to get this single out rapidly since we are notorious (well, to ourselves at least) for being hypercritical of our mixes and don't want you all to wait too long (as if it hasn't been already).

Anyway, thank you all for your support and I hope we won't disappoint you.


- Richard
Pretty close to the end of the year now. Any chance of the single coming out still? :p
Öwen;7897745 said:
Pretty close to the end of the year now. Any chance of the single coming out still? :p

We're working on it, around the holidays, and it will be done soon... sorry for all the delays, but rest assured it will be worth the wait!
Working on the single still, after a couple of days of technical problems in my studio that prevented any progress forward. Problems have been fixed, back to work...

The single will be out this month. Happy New Year!
We're still working on the single, it is coming out great and we are nearly done. I've also been busy this month mixing an album for the band Bloodsoaked, and Richard has been busy finishing his doctorate. :loco:
Finished mixing and mastering the album for Bloodsoaked; it's off for duplication now.

I've had a bit of time the last few days to chill out and refocus on Backmask a bit. The single is complete from my end, all except for vocals and guitar solos. I'm still awaiting a bass track from Richard, and hopefully he'll have some time to finish it soon.

Looks like February will be the actual release month, since there's not much left to do. You guys will dig this song, it's got a lot of similar sonic elements to the Dark Fiber album, with some new unexpected things thrown in, and by popular demand, some more acoustic guitar.
Richard is tracking his bass this week, I've just finished the lyrics, and I've finished writing my guitar solos. I will be tracking my vocals and solos this week as well.

I'm in a bit of a transitional period with respect to my drum sounds at the moment, so when we release the single this month, please understand that it will just be a demo version, and that the final album version later this year will sound much better. Sorry to keep you guys waiting!
Had a good talk with Richard last night, and we've arrived at some specific, actionable ways to make sure that Backmask gets the priority it needs in our lives. This past year has surprised and frustrated us with how difficult it's been to make time for music, and we're not going to allow the problem to persist.

The single is almost complete...