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Sep 11, 2002
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Hey , i don't know any Opeth, but i've heard such great things about them....... that i must buy an alubm :)
i dl Forest of October and Face of Melinda, both of which are awesome...
but which album would you recommend as a first buy?

oh and i know that this has probably been asked in 100 threads, but the search thingy didnt seem to work.. so plz dont flame me!
I'll second the pretty much anything....personally it depends on what sound you might like more first. Initially I would say MAYH for the heaviness, but Still Life would prolly be a good start overall.
Honestly, you really can't go wrong, they have 6 amazing albums out. As a personal favorite though, I'd have to say Still Life, if you kind find it.
Sorry to disagree with all of you, and especially since I am so new here, and as much as I respect all of your opinons because, lets face it, you are OPETH fans! LOL

However, I must disagree. I had never heard of this band before. And I was just getting into this type of music, and cultivating my taste. Along the way a good and trusted friend of mine suggested Morningrise as my first OPETH record to get. Sooooo.... I went out and got it! And I must tell you, Morningrise is an excellent introduction to OPETH. Each track is very special, and then you can go get the ones before, and then the ones after. I am not really sure if Morningrise is a mid point record, but it aint the earliest, and it aint the last. SO, IMHO, I suggest Morningrise as your first. Then get all the others that the peeps here have suggested. No matter what, you will not be disappointed with anything you get of theirs. I am a little biased though. There is not a thing that I have heard of OPETH's yet that I have not liked, even a little bit.

I am going to have to agree with intangible soul on this one even though I got blackwater park as my first Opeth album. After purchasing all of them though Morningrise did become my favorite. The others are not far behind though. I mean every album they have made in my opinion is absolutely worth every penny. I even paid almost 20 each for Orchid and Morningrise caues they are hard to find here for some reason but still I don't regret it. I tend to recommend Blackwater Park to people who are new to Opeth but if they hear Morningrise in my car then they like that a lot too, just get them all!! Just max the your credit card out or something, it's worth it.
I got introduced with Morningrise also. That works. Still Life also would very well, I imagine. BWP too. Or Deliverance.