First Mix of metalcore band.


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Apr 16, 2011
Hey guys,

So i've got my first sort of recording job with a local metalcore band and currently we're just doing one song as a demo version, we'll do the whole ep in the summer here. So I think it sounds alright, but there's definitely something wrong with the mix, I have a feeling it might be the drums, but i'd like for some outside feedback as well.

So the recording rig is a follows:

-Guitars: Double tracked, panned 50L and 50R, Guitar straight into apogee one interface using POD farm for amplifiers and impulses for the cabs - has a bit of post EQ as well.

-Bass: same as above except is dead centre in panning.

-Synth: Is programmed using logics inbuilt Soft synths, bit of EQ, bit of delay and a bit of reverb.

-Drums: Some stupidly bad electronic drums, will be using real acoustic drums for actual EP though. Band wouldn't let me use samples for drums, which kind of pisses me off. Oh well, tis their song that suffers not mine.

This was all recorded in Logic Express 9. This is something like my third ever full mix so i'd absolutely love it if you guys could give me feedback on this, as there is definitely something wrong with it (besides the drums).

Thanks guys.
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Thanks for the feedback guys, it is much appreciated.

I tried what you said by removing some of the treble and presence on POD farm and removed some of it with a LPF as well, to about 7000 hertz I believe. i also tried the bass thickening technique as well, but I forgot to turn down the bass just a tad when I bounced this mix, let me know what you guys think.

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like you said bass is still too loud
but the guitars still sound thin
try leaving eq knobs on POD at noon
and using post eq to clean it up
what amp in pod are you using
and what does your signal chain look like for guitar?
also the drums sound really hollow but i think you said the band had qualms about sampling?
To my ears the synth parts sound ridiculous. Why a synth at all? Consider asking the guitar players to play the melody, it sounds simple enough. It will sound 10 x better, and also lend the guitarists more legitimacy. If this is a demo, let them show they have some ability!

It's possible the mix will always have problems, unless the guitars are improved. Consider trying an alternate ampsim/cab chain (any Lepou amp into lecab), or add an impedance curve impulse, or some additional post eq to thicken the guitars.

Good luck!
again thanks for the feedback guys, much appreciated.

@keepingpace: Currently my set up is like this:
left guitar: Screamer - diamondplate - Gods Cab grill cap pres 2 - into channel EQ on logic with the settings of HPF at 140hz and 6 DB cuts at 200 hz 390 hz 490 hz 4000 hz and 6500 hz with a LPF at 10000 hz
right guitar: Essentially the same except the amp is using a powerball amp into a guitar hack impulse.
And yeah, they wanted the drummer to play instead of using drum samples, which in my opinion would lift this mix into the sky.

@pickasso: the synth is there because the band wants it there, they're into the big synthcore sort of thing. i don't think lecab is available on mac and I get some very iffy results with lepou amps. I also try to avoid adding stuff on the EQ as it does downgrade quality quite badly I believe, thanks for the input though!
The band are using a shit drummer with a shit electric drumkit, but they won't let you use some samples?? Tell them to shove it where the sun don't shine! If they had an acoustic kit it would be different, because it's fair if they expect you to mic it up. But they are using electric drums which are gona be hard to mix considering they are often (badly) mixed anyway. I say put your foot down a bit and tell them either get a real kit or let you use samples
I did suggest it to them, but in the end i kind of just agreed as it si more of a demo thing, rather than an actual release. We will be micing up an acoustic kit (which will be a first for me) but i'm sure the search function will lead me to a bounty of knowledge on this fine forum. I believe samples are better for this kind of music anyways, as metalcore is known to be quite robotic and quite cold in the instrumental areas e.g. rhythmic breakdowns that often get slip edited to uber tightness etc. But i guess when the actual proper recording dates come around I shall be a total asshole to them, much to their displeasure of course. I will try and do all the eq over again, as i have only just learnt the production box and visuals, which makes everything slightly more coherent and generally just pleasant. Still don't know how to mix synths that well though. Never really used them before. any tips on that sort of thing? Because of course they'll be using them a lot, (like Attack Attack! and Asking Alexandria-a lot).
part of the thin guitar sound is EQing it to death
try lopass at 11 or 12 k
hi pass at 50-80 hz
and try removing or lessening all those cuts
your sucking most of the meat out of the guitars
whats on the guitar bus?

synth try and buy vanguard perfect for the *insert*core nuts out there. if not search around for free ware synths.
and mixing synths generally get the sound where you want it
lightly compress and add reverb is what i usually do.
Good man! If you're mixing their music, do it how you think works best. If they are telling you exactly what they want, despite the fact what they want clearly won't sound as good then tell them they can do it themselves. And yeah I agree, although, you can use samples and retain realism. This is something of mine, which I programmed the drums on, but they sound real IMO. I think, just tell them that you're the producer and if they want a good sound then they need to shut up and let you get on with what you think is best :p
@MAXMEDLOW: I do really like that drum sound! if it's okay with you do you mind if you tell me what samples you are using on that particular track? I do like the guitar sound as well, I have come up with something of my own creation and it definitely sounds a lot better than the actual mix i'm working on, the drums fill in the empty spaces of the guitar, and i leave the bass guitar for most of the low mids, mainly 200 to 450 or something like that. i think I will tell them my opinion of the what's happening, if they would have any sense at all they would listen to me.

@keepingpaces: That vanguard looks very interesting, sadly I am but a poor secondary school student who doesn't have the income to splash on things whenever I want haha, 80 dollars seems reasonable though, so when I do get some cash, I know what i'm buying.
Well, for the half of the kit I'm using Addictive Drums, except the kick, snare and hihat which are home made samples. I think people who buy Slate stuff or EZdrummer or whatever are really wasting their money because I haven't heard one person use that stuff who can make it sound realistic :L AD is where it's at! If you ever manage to get hold of it I'll give you more details on it, because without the program on you it won't make toooo much sense I guess, but yeah....If you can get hold of Addictive Drums I would!
i do have the demo for AD it seems extremely awesome and very interesting, i've been using Erkans organised samples for the time being, which i must say I prefer over anything that was on that track from before haha, logics samples aren't really cut for any kind of metal/hardcore at all, mostly stuff for the pop rock or electronic stuff, even then I use outside samples for those. I've always been interested by EZdrummer and slate drums though, mainly to have a crack at making them real. The sad part of this whole EP will the dozens of sub drops peppered around all over the place. and the editing of glitch effects will be pretty time consuming as well. Good thing the holidays are coming up soon I suppose haha.
@keepingpace: yeah I have that now thanks, rediced all the 6 db cuts to 3 db and took one cut out, then reduced the HP and LP filters a bit, definitely a bit more definition and life in there now, thanks for the tips.