Forthcoming live on the air interviews with Power of Omens and Archetype

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Mar 4, 2002
Schaumburg, IL
The Edge of Forever is proud to announce forthcoming interviews with Archetype and Power of Omens. The interviews will be conducted live on the air for the entire world to hear, as in you will hear the band members’ actual voices blaring from your computer speakers! The chat room will be set up for all to join; feel free to ask questions on it during the interview. Make sure to mark your calendars, as I’m sure Dave from Power of Omens has plenty to say regarding their forthcoming release- Rooms of Anguish. Thanks to Archetype and Power of Omens for offering their time! If you have any questions you’d like me to ask either of these two bands, please e-mail them to me. In the mean time, please check out Archetype and Power of Omens websites for more information! They are both excellent avant-garde metal bands worthy of your attention!

Date: Saturday April 6th,
Time: 6:00 pm cst/7:00 pm est
Live on the air interview with Chris Matyus, Keith Zeigler, Chris Matyus, Greg Wagner, and Jamie Still of Archetype.
Archetype website:

Date: Saturday April 20th
Time: TBA
Live on the air interview with Dave Gallegos, Chris Salinas, Alex Arellano,
Andrew Sanchez, and Chris Herring of Power of Omens
Power of Omens website:

Time: Saturday 4-8 pm and Sunday 3-5pm Central Standard Time
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Any other bands that would like an on the air interview, simply e-mail us and we’ll arrange one!

Archetype bio:
Archetype was originally formed in July of 1997. Original members included Chris Matyus - Guitar, Keith Zeigler - Drums, Jamie Still - Bass along with a vocalist and second guitarist who would leave the band after a short time. As a three piece instrumental act under the name Prototype, Chris, Keith and Jamie gigged for several months and were unable to locate a new singer and guitarist. After a few more instrumental gigs, the three members decided to enter the studio and record a four-song instrumental demo CD.

"We knew when we found the right people to join that that we would go back and lay down new solos and vocals over the music". They decided to change their name to "Archetype" due to the use of Prototype by several other bands. In October, 1998 Archetype sent out copies of the instrumental demo CD to record labels and received a good response, but none were willing to get involved with a band without a singer. A danish-based management company, Intromental Management, also received some CD's and expressed interest in working with the band. Archetype signed with Intromental Management shortly thereafter.

Within two weeks after signing, Chris answered a classified ad in a local Cleveland paper and luckily found Greg Wagner who was looking for a very serious project at the time. Chris states" I called him, we exchanged CD's and things clicked immediately!" Two weeks later, Greg was in the studio laying down vocals for the upcoming 4 song EP "Hand Of Time"! With the CD now complete, Archetype played their first gig with a vocalist in January, 1999. "It was rough but we were all at ease with a frontman on stage". From that moment on, the foundation of Archetype was in place!

In April, 1999 Archetype and Intromental Management promoted "Hands Of Time" worldwide receiving nothing but praise. However, it would prove futile for a band to land a deal with only a 4 song EP. With this in mind, Chris began finishing new material and adding lyrics to songs that were already complete. In November, 1999 Archetype signed a 'production only' deal with Fortunate Records in Massillon Ohio and began recording their first full length CD.

After a series of problems, the material for the CD was transferred for mixing at a different studio in Cleveland. Overall, the quality of the original recording was very poor and lead to many more problems with the whole mixing process. After deciding to go ahead with the final mixing and mastering, the band completed "Dawning" and began to promote it to record labels in April, 2000.

After promoting it for the remainder of the year, the band realized that the very poor quality of the recording was playing a big role in the whole promotional process. Chris decided that re-recording most of the CD was the only option. "I felt so strongly about the quality of music that I couldn't let it be released and heard the way it was". Since financial issues came into play, Chris took on the responsibility of engineering the new version of "Dawning". "I knew it would take a very long time since I had no past experience with recording/engineering, but we had no choice". After making the decision, Archetype parted ways with Intromental Management in early 2001 to focus on recording. Throughout 2001, everything on the CD was re-recorded except the drums and mixing began with the help of Ed Tomecko at Audioworks recording studio in Parma, Ohio. "It was a very long, exhausting process to get the CD sounding the way it does and without Ed Tomecko, it would have been impossible".
Finally, in December, 2001 the new version of "Dawning" was completed and in January, 2002 it was mastered. "February 19, 2002 will be a day I'll never forget. It was the day we officially released "Dawning" to promotional outlets around the world". Currently, the response to "Dawning" has been overwhelming and Archetype is back at the forefront of the Progressive Metal scene. They are currently working on deals around the world and hope to start recording their next CD very soon! Looking back at all the frustration and anxiety, Chris sums it up best saying "Using what we have learned and receiving all the positive response has definitely made it all worthwhile"!

Presently, Archetype is looking for the perfect second guitarist to complete the band. If you or anyone you know is interested, please contact the band Here.

Power of Omens Bio:
Originating in 1994, Power of Omens has gone through quite a few changes as well as having to overcome several obstacles throughout the years.

Founding members David Gallegos, Alex Arellano, and Chris Salinas aggressively pursued the dream to create a musical force that would allow them to explore the most artistic musical ventures their imaginations could ever achieve.

With a desire to succeed, the first demo was created in early 1996 in hopes of finding interested members, as well as a label connection. Fortunately, this led to the recruiting of bassist, Matt Williamson. The 4 soon began working on material for a full length release.

In 1997, with another demo completed, the band landed a deal with DCA Recordings, and began to polish the material for their debut release. Unfortunately, after a year of waiting, and no positive news or backing from the label, the band was forced to part ways with DCA.

In the beginning of 1998, soon after the departure from their first label, Elevate Records approached the band with a deal for world-wide backing and distribution. The band signed on, and began recording material for their upcoming CD, "Eyes of the Oracle". Released in June of that year, the band found itself in the midst of much media attention, and soon began to draw a rather strong following.

Unfortunately, due to uncontrollable circumstances, Matt was forced to leave the band prior to the release of the CD, and was replaced by Henry Sanchez. At this time, the band also recruited its first full-time keyboardist, Andrew Sanchez.

With a CD on the market, the band began working to promote their release by lining up live shows. Unfortunately, after their first couple of performances in 1999, Andrew was also forced to leave the band due to personal reasons. This unfortunately forced the cancellation of the bands scheduled performance at the Powermad festival in Baltimore, MD. Not long after this, Henry Sanchez also left the band.

Determined to continue, the band agreed to record a track for an upcoming Queensryche tribute, which was later released in 2000 on Seigen Records, entitled, "Warning, Raging Minds of Empires". The track the band contributed was "Screaming in Digital" from the "Rage for Order" CD.

Since then, the band has regrouped with new member, Chris Herring, on bass, who made his debut performance with the band at the ProgPower Festival in Lansing, IL, this past February 2001. This also marked the bands first live performance without a real keyboardist. All tracks were performed "live" with a sequencer.
Upon their return from ProgPower, the band was pleased to announce the return of Andrew Sanchez back to the band
Now, with a full band back at work, the writing of new material has begun, as the band plans to head back into the studio later this summer for their follow-up release.

Despite the many changes the band has had to overcome, they have not stopped reaching for goals and setting new sights. The band has reached many people world wide, and has had the privilege of recognition through magazines, as well as wide Internet exposure