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Mar 4, 2002
Schaumburg, IL
The Edge of Forever is proud to announce forthcoming interviews with Zero Hour, Power of Omens, and David DeFeis of Virgin Steele. The interviews will be conducted live on the air for the entire world to hear, as in you will hear the band members’ actual voices blaring from your computer speakers! The chat room will be set up for all to join; feel free to ask questions on it during the interview. Make sure to mark your calendars, as I’m sure Dave from Power of Omens has plenty to say regarding their forthcoming release- Rooms of Anguish. Thanks to ALL the bands for offering their time! If you have any questions you’d like me to ask any of bands, please e-mail them to me. In the mean time, please check out these bands websites for more information! They are all excellent avant-garde metal bands worthy of your attention!

Concerning Virgin Steel I only have 11 words to say- "I am drowning in your bullshit!! What a way to dieeeeee!" :lol:

Date: Saturday April 6th *completed*
Time: 6:00 pm cst/7:00 pm est
Live on the air interview with Chris Matyus, Keith Zeigler, and Jamie Still of Archetype.
Archetype website: http://archetype1.com
You can download the interview at:
Or scroll to the bottom to read the transription

Date: Saturday April 13th,
Time: 6pm cst
Live on the air interview with Jasun and Troy Tipton of Zero Hour
Zero Hour website: http://www.zerohourweb.com

Date: Saturday April 20th
Time: 7pm cst
Live on the air interview with Dave Gallegos and other hopefully more members of Power of Omens
Power of Omens website: http://www.powerofomens.com

Date: Saturday May 4th
Time: 4:30pm cst
Live on the air interview with David DeFeis of Virgin Steele.
Virgin Steele website: http://www.virgin-steele.com/

This Week (Saturday and Sunday April 14th and 15th 2002) on The Edge of Forever:
- Live on the air interview (6pm cst) with Jasun and Troy Tipton of Zero Hour. Zero Hour are technical progressive metal with a chunky epic flavor. On April 20th at 6pm cst, we’ll be interviewing Power of Omens. And on May 4th we’ll be interviewing David DeFeis of Virgin Steele hopefully (fingers crossed). You won’t want to miss these interviews!
- Got some new Star One, some Superior- Ultima Ratio, plenty of new Rush from Vapor Trails etc. for you to check out.
- My reviews for Amorphis, Dream Theater, Falconer, Katatonia, Secret Sphere, Silent Force, Sonata Arctica, and more uploaded to prog.web.com Be sure to check out Toby’s reviews as well at http://mikemeyer.crosswinds.net/thelight.html
- I’m continuously putting up new songs to download. Bradley students, check the Bradley University network and look for the box “metalhead!!” Click on it and you can download up to nearly 1400 mp3s and 13 music videos- so try out something new that you haven’t heard before!

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Interview with Archetype 6-6:30pm Saturday April 6th.
Full transcription by Michael Meyers with assistance from Mark Billie.

DJ Michael: I’m on the air with Archetype and am going to ask them a series of questions… hopefully they’ll be able to withstand the heat! First of all, give us a little background information on Archetype. How did it form and what are you guys about- musically and lyrically?

Chris: Well, we formed officially in 1997, as Keith puts the phone down so I can blab for an hour (laughter). Yeah we kind of just got together. We had a singer and a second guitar player originally, but they both quit. And it was myself Keith and Jaime and we kind of stuck together. We were instrumental for a while. Then we decided to do a four-song demo CD. And we got a singer after that and, in a nutshell, that’s kind of it.

DJ Michael: How are things going with Intromental? Are they planning on officially releasing Dawning and future Archetype releases?

Chris: Ah yeah we actually just resigned with them. We were with them for about a year… no we were with them for two years. And then all of 2001 we weren’t signed with them, because we were finishing the CD. So we’re signed back with them, and things are good. We got a lot of offers on the CD for licensing and distribution in North America and Europe. So we’re waiting for the best offer to come along before we make any commitments. We probably won’t be releasing it through Intromental. They’re going to be our management this time

DJ Michael: Chris, you're the core songwriter and lyricist for the band. But how do Jamie and Keith feel their contribution shapes Archetype. Will Jamie, Greg or Keith write any songs on future albums?

Chris: Ah… never! No. (laughter)

Keith: This is Keith the drummer (laughs). I tried writing lyrics once and I came to Jaime once and I said man look at this I got a half of page of lyrics, this is so easy! And Chris read them and pretty much set fire to them… he was on the floor laughing.

DJ Michael: Can you give a few lines from those lyrics? (laughs)

Chris: Oh my god no, you don’t want to hear’m.

Keith: Oh yeah it was like two year ago and I would have to hide my head under a rock if I did that.

Jaime: I think he conveniently forgot (laughs)

Chris: I can see other people contributing in the future, because there will come a time, you know, when I’ll be slightly burned out from doing it all. So I wouldn’t mind some help. But for now, I just write the music and the lyrics. And these guys put their lines and parts to it, and it comes out sounding pretty nice.

Jaime: Plus, if I wrote an original piece of music, I’m not sure it would sound like something we could put on Archetype.

Keith: Plus, I think all of us agree that most bands have too many guys writing their songs, and the styles sort of clash so we don’t really have any egos and no one has any problems with the fact that Chris is the writer and lyricist. But if we ever get stuck or lost, that’s when me and Jaime help him out a little bit…

Jaime: Yeah, we buy him drinks! (laughs)

DJ Michael: (laughs) I understand Archetype is looking for a second guitarist. What are you looking for in a guitarist? How's the search coming? If per chance any of our listeners are interested in filling the slot, how might they contact you?

Chris: Ah yeah, we’ve been looking for a guitar play for what now, two years? Probably. We’re looking for someone… they have to have knowledge of music theory, multiple styles as far as finger style, experience, and soloing. They’ve got to be able to play a lot of hard stuff, odd meter, etc, and they cannot have an attitude. My biggest fear is showing the new guy the parts and having him try to change them or rewrite them or something. And that guy would be out the door. If anyone out there is interested in joining or knows anybody, they can e-mail from website at www.archetype1.com E-mail is archetype@archetype1.com

DJ Michael: Many technically proficient guitarists have suffered muscle or nerve ailments in the hand and wrist from excessive stressful playing. Dave Mustain of Megadeth comes to mind. I understand Chris has struggled with tendonitis. How did you recover from your ailment, and what suggestions do you have for other obsessed guitarists out there on how to avoid it?

Keith: Don’t play the classical guitar (laughs)…

Chris: Yeah (laughs), I got tendonitis when I was in college playing a lot of classical. I got a degree in it, so I was playing four hours a day at least, and I was doing weightlifting. The combination of the two was just way too much work on my wrists. It flared up pretty bad for about two to three months. Every night I was exercising it. I’d lift small weights for like fifteen minutes and then I’d have to ice it down and I’d use muscle rubs and after, oh heck, a month or two of that, it finally started to go away. I play a lot less classical guitar now so it rarely ever flares up on me.

DJ Michael: I understand you guys are into playing your music at shows as opposed to playing pop rock flavor of the day covers that get the ladies dancing and bouncing around and such (laughter). What songs do you play at an Archetype show? What separates the Archetype live experience from listening to it on album?

Jaime: I think it’s just a lot more raw, really. And right now, with the one guitar, it sounds a little more stripped down, which is pretty good in a way too. So people get to hear it in a different light, but it makes Chris look a little harder.

Chris: Yeah, tell me about it!

Jaime: It’s entertaining. You get to see Chris play, and everyone has his own skill. And you can watch Keith set up his six thousand-piece drum set. (laughs)

DJ Michael: Do you have three bass drums like Mike Portnoy (Dream Theater)?

Chris: Yeah, that’s a big influence on his style.

Keith: Oh yeah…

DJ Michael: (laughs) Well, I saw Mike on the last tour and he brought three bass drums with; it was basically one and a half kits!

Keith: Yeah, that’s his new Siamese monster! (laughs)

DJ Michael: Do you guys have a favorite song you like playing live?

Jaime: Hmm good question. I like “Premonitions” off the record, playing that live.

Chris: I like playing “Hands of Time” because it’s easiest for me (laughs) … It allows me to sit back and relax and enjoy the moment while I’m playing it.

Keith: That’s funny, three guys here and we all have a different song. My personal favorite is Dawning.

DJ Michael: I agree. That’s my favorite too! I haven’t heard you live but… (laughs)

Jaime: Sometimes we end the show with a cover, like “Bark at the Moon” by Ozzy… and sometimes “Sabbath Bloody Sabbath.” Those are fun too. But that’s about as far as we go with cover songs.

DJ Michael: I know some of you guys are big Judas Priest fans. Any desire to ever do a Judas Priest cover?

Chris: Mmm… no. I mean that’s the reason I started playing guitar- was Glenn Tipton from Priest. Our singer Greg is a big Priest fan, but we’ll probably never do a Priest song live. It just doesn’t fit with what we do.

DJ Michael: Since you're all studly rock stars, are you getting a lot of hot groupies stalking you? (laughter) Are you going after any of them?

Keith: (laughter) … I’m still waiting for one.

Chris: (laughs) Ah, no we’ve been kind of laying low as far as gigs recently. But no, I think Dream Theater said it before, it’s like 95% guys at their shows. So there’s not much in the line of groupies (laughter). I’m sure Keith would hope otherwise but oh well.

Keith: You can always hope. (laughs)

DJ Michael: (laughs) Have you guys begun writing songs for a second album? Have you considered adding any other instruments like keys or strings or perhaps grim vocals on future albums?

Chris: Ah no, you won’t ever hear us do death or black metal (laughs). I listen to a lot more different styles than what I write; I think it keeps my mind fresh for the things that I create. All the music for the next album is done. Right now I’m working on lyrics. Basically it’s going to be really really really awesome. Right guys?

Keith: That’s right… absolutely (laughs)

Jaime: It’s gonna be heavier

Chris: It’s gonna be way heavier (laughs)

Keith: As far as keyboards goes, I don’t think a keyboardist would fit this music until maybe on the fourth or fifth album. When Chris does get a little tired, we could maybe add something like that as a special effect. But I don’t see a keyboardist being part of the group. Ya know, it’s just not our style.

Chris: Yeah, it would make us too run of the mill with keyboards in the mix.

DJ Michael: Do you guys want to describe what any future songs are going to sound like compared to Dawning?

Chris: Well, I started writing on a seven string. So, since we tuned down a little bit, the songs are going to be really heavy and aggressive. But they’ll still be progressive. But I don’t think they’re going to be exactly in the same vein as Dawning. It’s a slightly new direction. There’re still clean parts and classical influences, but it’s definitely more aggressive. And I think a lot more people are going to like the next album

DJ Michael: Any information on when that’ll be released?

Chris: Oh, we have no idea right now. We’re still working on releasing Dawning, getting it out officially.

Keith: Although we do want to record in probably late Spring, just to get the schematics down and all that.

Chris: I want to get it done next. . .

Jaime: Tomorrow!

Chris: fall… (laughs). Yeah tomorrow would be nice! We hope to start recording within say six months . . . roughly.

DJ Michael: Archetype's sound is certainly difficult to label. I always fall back on "avant-garde" metal. What label is Archetype most comfortable with? No band I know is comfortable with any specific label, but reviewers, interviewers, and radio personalities like me have to categorize you some how!

Chris: Well, I think we’re truly a progressive metal band. Because we are progressive, and we do play metal and we mix in a lot of diverse influences, as opposed to other bands that may play an odd meter here and there. And they’re labeled progressive when they’re really power metal. It’s impossible to really put a label on there, but you can call it classical progressive metal. I don’t know (laughs).

DJ Michael: Where can our listeners find more information on your band and order Dawning, as it is certainly an album worthy of their collections!

Chris: All the information is on the website, which is www.archetype1.com. We have links to distributors and on-line stores. And you can buy it directly from us right now. But I think once we sign a licensing deal, it’ll be available in retail stores- probably in then next two months I’d say.

Jaime: I always tell Chris, as soon as I walk into a Best Buy and see our CD in there, I’m taking the divider that has our name on it (laughs).

Keith: This CD should definitely be a musket for all musicians. There’s some really really good musicianship on this album.

DJ Michael: Well, that’s great to hear… all my listeners like musicianship (laughs). This is in an important question I’d imagine. Where can they get it the cheapest?

Keith: They can wait for someone else to buy it and rob him! (laughter)

Jaime: They’re almost all priced the same

Chris: Actually, no. I just signed up with this company; they’re called twobigtoes.com… You can actually download it and burn it on to your own CD. And you can get the artwork and print it out. It’s only like ten bucks I think. But if you want the real package cheapest, oh heck, I don’t know, maybe cdbaby.com. They can check all the links on the site; they’re within a buck I’d say.

DJ Michael: That’s interesting you brought up the download option. Is downloading music and paying a price for it the future of music . . . I know this leads into the obvious question of your beliefs on file sharing and all the Napster clone programs.

Chris: Yeah, I mean without a doubt that’s the future. Eventually you’ll be able to push a few buttons and out pops a CD.

DJ Michael: Do you think that takes away from the intimacy of an album, back when peopled used to wait for the day a record would come out and all listen to it on the same day?

Chris: Yeah, I think so. I don’t know if you’ll be able to print out full booklets or anything like that, but yeah, I can see it being a big thing in the future. But personally, I like having the actual product in my hands. Its more personal, and actually you’re helping the band out by paying a few more bucks for the CD. As far as Napster goes, I’m iffy about, but for a band like us, it would be really good.

Jaime: I mean, the more people that can hear us right now, in any form, the better.

DJ Michael: Any future shows coming up that you’d like to announce?

Chris: Um, no. (laughs)

Keith: Not right now. (laughs)

Chris: We’re working on a couple of things for the coming months . . . but yeah booking things is difficult for a band like us, as we don’t play anything truly popular. It’s kind of frustrating for us.

Keith: The original music scene isn’t that great here in Cleveland right now. If you haven’t played in a local bar or tavern, it’s kind of hard to squeeze your way in on the list among the bands who’ve been there for years. So, it is tough to get gigs here.

DJ Michael: I’ve got a really strange question from a chat room participant. One wants to know why you don’t write in quintuplets?

Band: (laughter and confusion)

Keith: Honestly, I don’t know what he’s talking about (laughs). I think our style is very odd… with the tempo changes and the odd meters. If you saw our music transcribed, it would probably puzzle most musicians. Rarely will you find 4/4 measures in our music. It’s always one odd measure after another (laughs).

Chris: But rarely does it sound like that.

Keith: But yeah, it doesn’t sound like that. A lot of times, Chris will introduce a new rhythm and Jaime is good at following it, but I’m totally lost most of the time (laughter). But one gift I do have is the ability to transcribe music, and I’ll write his rhythm down and he’ll tell me what kind of odd meter it is. And I’ll be able to write my drum rhythm to it… and a lot of times if you have a 7/8 and a 5/8 measure, I’ll keep the snare straight so it overlaps on the second measure, but sounds like a straight even measure… if that doesn’t go over anyone’s head (laughter) . . . I don’t know.

DJ Michael: I’ve got a few more questions from the chat room. One person wants to know, what are your favorite bands and albums?

Jaime: One of my favorite metal albums of all time is Rust in Peace by Megadeth, which is a fantastic record. Tool I like a lot. Big Wreck, a band out of Boston, they’re good.

Keith: It comes as no surprise that Dream Theater . . . is actually my second favorite band. My first love was Rush, and they always will be. But actually, I used to be a big Nightranger fan back in High School. And Kelly Keegy was one of my favorite drummers back then. As far as favorite albums, I love every Dream Theater album that was ever written. I like the Moving Pictures CD and Power Windows by Rush. I also like the Rush Tribute that Mike Portnoy put together, with a star cast, called Working Man.

DJ Michael: Did you get a chance to hear the new Rush single? (“One Little Victory”)

Keith: Yeah, I heard that on the radio. I like the double bass drums by Neil Peart, something you don’t hear very often from him.

Chris: My favorite band, without a doubt, is Coroner. My favorite album by them is definitely Mental Vortex. I like The Eye by King Diamond. I get into a lot of Cradle of Filth (laughter). Yeah, people wouldn’t expect that from what I write. But yeah, I listen to a lot of new age stuff like Enya and Loreena McKennith. A lot of things like that and a lot of classical guitar and some classical music.

DJ Michael: What is your stance on Communism?

Chris: On Communism? (laughter)

DJ Michael: Yep, I’ve got some of your fans here that want to know! Though they’re probably just screwing with me! (laughs) These are your fans; I can’t deny them!

Chris: Well considering I pay zero attention to politics and things like that, I don’t know… But I know communism is pretty insane, you know, I would say, as far was what it represents (laughs). We live in the good old USA, so we’re pretty lucky to live here and be able to do what we do. As far as Communism, I have no comment on that (laughter)

Jaime: Keith told me once in private though… that he’s actually a red! (laughter). He won’t own own up to it now!

Keith: No comment from me (laughter).

Chris: It’s definitely not our boat (laughter).

DJ Michael: So you won’t have a next album entitled Socialist World Systems Theory or anything like that?

Chris: (laughter) Uhhh no.

DJ Michael: (laughter) Well, that’s good to hear, I suppose. These are some weird questions, so perhaps I should stop now. Anything else you’d like to add before we rap this up?

Keith: Yeah, I would say please visit our site and download some of the clips! And please visit our guest book!

Chris: Buy our CD!

Keith: Please make some comments on our guest book- so we can see what you think. A couple of weeks ago, on a Saturday morning, I got up and read one of the reviews and was a little ticked off. So I signed the guest book myself, not realizing it went up like boom- right then and there. So I called up Chris and said ‘man I don’t know if I should have said this.’ I was kind of joking around, making fun of some of the critics. So ten minutes later, Chris deleted it. (laughter) So yeah, I would say visit the website and please spread the word. We’ve been compared to Dream Theater and Rush and Maiden. We’re definitely not a fly-by-night band. Chris’ music writing is incredible. I personally think he’s a marvel of music.

Chris: I just pay him to say that stuff (laughs)

DJ Michael: Who knows, maybe we’ll see you at future Prog Power shows?

Band: Yeah! Anything!

DJ Michael: I’ve got more strange questions coming from the chat room. They want to know your position on the legalization of prostitution.

Band: (laughter)

Chris: Well, considering that I’ve never been to Las Vegas, I don’t know the difference between legal and illegal (laughs). I don’t know if its better there than here or what (laughter)

Keith: No, you have to go out and earn it! It should be free!

Chris: Yeah really, what’s the point? There’s no thrill or chase involved in that!

Keith: Is that coming from experience? (laughs)

Chris: No comment! (laughter)

DJ Michael: (laughter) Thanks to all the chat room participants for all the interesting questions. Best of luck to your band!
Jasun and Troy were absolutely hillarious! They kept yammering and yammering for over an hour :) Thanks to all our chatroom participants, we did cover a lot of ground with many different questions! We'll have a place to download the interview from soon. And soon after, we'll have the whole thing transcribed.

Highlights of the interview (for those who missed)
- Jasun announced for the first time that Zero Hour are selling a special disc of unreleased material at Prog Power 3.0 for all the fans. This disc will not be availble anywhere but Prog Power 3.0 USA.
- Apparently Erik Rosvold (ZH vocalist) got incredibly intoxicated at Prog Power in Europe and stole one of the performing band's (who shall remain nameless) beer, ripped off a refridgerator door, and had that band chasing Zero Hour around :) You'd have to have heard this story to believe it.
- Zero Hour have written all the music for their forthcoming album. We forgot to ask when they estimate they'll have it released, but we did find out that they have a 16 minute epic that they are very proud of. They have a song with keyboards and chanting. One song uses a seven string guitar. They believe this material is stronger than Towers of Avarice.
- Jasun (subtly) admits he is the cuter of the two twins... while Troy is the smarter one.
- Troy's two favorite ZH songs are "Demise and Vestige" and "Stratagem."
- These brothers have not only identicle looks and voices (man it was rough telling them apart) but they have practically identical brains. When I talked to Troy it felt like I was still talking to Jasun :) lol
- Jasun and Troy both use '70s stoner words such as like, dude, yeeeeeah, cool cats, and right on. It was so laid back, Tobias and I were nearly in tears laughing a few times! My God, those guys are funny.

We had a TON of people in the chat room, and all of us seemed to have a great time. Please join us again for a Power of Omens interview next week! I'll be speaking to Dave Gallegos of Power of Omens, and it will be a great interview!

Set List 4/13/02
*Denotes a request

Power of Omens- “Inner Voices/Alone I Stand”
Eldritch- “Lord of an Empty Place”

Star One- “Set Your Controls”
*Rush- “One Little Victory”
Vanden Plas- “Cold Wind”
Megadeth- “Tornado of Souls” (live)

Rhapsody- “Steel Gods of the Last Apocalypse”
At Vance- “Only Human”
Labyrinth- “Save Me”
*Rush- “Available Light”

Rush- “Ceiling Unlimited”
Rush- “Ghost Rider”
Rush- “Peacable Kingdom”
Rush- “The Stars Look Down”

Zero Hour- “The Towers of Avarice”
Zero Hour- “Subterranean”
Zero Hour- “Stratagem”
Zero Hour- “Reflections”

Interview with Jasun and Troy Tipton

*Angra- “Unholy Wars”
*Aghora- “Existence”
*Messugah- “The Mouth Licking What You’ve Bled”
*Project Hate- “The Divine Burning of Angels”

Superior- “Propaganda X”
*Opeth- “White Cluser”
Archetype- “Premonitions”
*Pain of Salvation- “Winning a War”

*Symphony X- “Damnation Game”
*Dead Soul Tribe- “Coming Down”
*Spiral Architect- “Adaptability”