The Edge of Forever has returned and is expanding- 4-8pm Sat. and 3-5pm Sun cst

Michael TEOF

Master Whorebot
Mar 4, 2002
Schaumburg, IL
After a 2 week hiatus, we are back :) I hope to see a lot of you in the chat room next weekend. North and South Americans can catch the show before they go out drinking and Europeans and Africans can catch the show after coming home from loooong night of drinking :) Asians, Russians, Austrilians and the like can catch at those awkward in between hours I guess :lol:

This Week (Saturday and Sunday March 30/31 2002) on The Edge of Forever:
- The Edge of Forever (due to outstanding achievement) has been awarded a second time slot to fill in a departing DJ from 5-3pm CST. Mark your calendars!
- As promised, plenty of new music: Rhapsody- Power of the Dragonflame, Finntroll- Jakens Tid, Jag Panzer- Mechanized Warfare, In Flames- Whoracle, Labyrinth- Timeless Crime, At Vance- Only Human, some rare live Judas Priest tracks new Superior and much much more...
- I’m continuously putting up new songs to download. Bradley students, check the Bradley University network and look for the box “metalhead!!” Click on it and you can download up to nearly 1200 mp3s and 13 music videos- so try out something new that you haven’t heard before!

Information About Us: The Edge of Forever, Illinois’ Finest metal radio show coming at you SATURDAYS from 4-8pm and SUNDAYS from 3-5pm CENTRAL STANDARD TIME. If you’re from Europe, hopefully you’re either an early riser or a real late partier. Come listen to our show after your loooong night of drinking! All you have to do is copy and paste the corresponding links into your plugins for your Win Amp, Windows Media Player, Real Player, or Sonique. Save the plugins as “The Edge of Forever” and presto- you can tune into the show.

The chatroom is at and will be available for discussion and requests during the show- so please join our chat room and interact with our show!
Time: Saturday 4-8 pm and Sunday 3-5pm Central Standard Time
Request and Discussion Line: (309) 677-3456
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AIM: siberiankh

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Set List 3/30/02
*Denotes a request

Rhapsody- “When Demons Awake”
Finntroll- “Slaget vid Blodsalv”

Planet X- “King of the Universe”
ARK- “Hunchback of Notre dame”
Zero Hour- “Stratagem”
Andromeda- “In the Deepest of Waters”

Rush- “One Little Victory”
Blind Guardian- “Wait for an Answer”
Judas Priest- “Tyrant”
Rhapsody- “The Pride of the Tyrant”

Superior- “Terror Fantasy”
Jag Panzer- “Frozen in Fear”
Cyren- “Goodbye”
Pain of Salvation- “In the Flesh”

Iron Maiden- “Sign of the Cross” (live)
Labyrinth- “In the Shade”
Blind Guardian- “Punishment Divine”
Damn the Machine- “The Mission”

Stonehenge- “Between Two Worlds”
*Believer- “Dies Irae (Day of Wrath)”
Rakoth- “Fear (Wasn’t In the Design)”
Without Face- “I and I”

Threshold- “Light and Space”
Silent Force- “Fall into Oblivion”
Physicist (Devin Townsend)- “Kingdom”
Avantasia- “Avantasia”

*Faith no More- “Cup of Sorrow”
*Skyclad- “Sinful Ensemble”
*Cynic- “Pleading for Preservation”
*Scorpions- “In Trance”

Kamelot- “Fourth Legacy”
Dream Theater- “Glass Prison”
Falconer- “Wings of Serenity”

Set List 3/31/02
*Denotes a request

Symphony X- “Smoke and Mirrors”
Eternity X- “The Edge of Madness”

Eldritch- “The Clockwork Bed”
Secret Sphere- “Under the Flag of Mary Read”
Blind Guardian- “The Soulforged”
Royal Hunt- “Message to God (live)”

Rush- “One Little Victory”
Scott Mosher (Virtuality)- “Sorrow in a World of Darkness”
Superior- “Terror Fantasy”
Fates Warning- “A Pleasant Shade of Gray XII”

Children of Bodom- “Hatebreeder”
In Flames- “Morphing into Primal”
Borknagar- “The Genuine Pulse”
Ephel Duoth- “Embossed”

*Wolverine- “The Storm Inside”
Therion- “Enter Vril-Ya”
Katatonia- “The Future of Speech”
Opeth- “Serenity Painted Death”