Reminder, TEoF shows canceled until March 30th/31st for Spring Break...

Michael TEOF

Master Whorebot
Mar 4, 2002
Schaumburg, IL
Just a reminder, there will be no The Edge of Forever shows until Saturday March 30th. We're off on Spring Break this week. Toby and I are off to see Dream Theater tonight! Right now WRBU is playing automation of songs you probably don't want to hear... but if you want to tune in and listen to it anyway- feel free... you'll get a variety of everything from rap, to punk, to alternative to mallcore... and nothing inbetween :) I'm not aloud to put any of my "butt rock" songs in the rotation apparently. Don't know why they consider bands like Death and Fates Warning "Butt rock"... but hey... :)

I also have an additional show on Sundays now from 3-5pm cst. I don't know if Toby will be doing these shows with me or not, but either way... we'll have an insane ammount of music to play each week.

Time: Saturday 4-8 pm, Sunday 3-5pm Central Standard Time
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