Looking for new bands to feature on our radio show...

Michael TEOF

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Mar 4, 2002
Schaumburg, IL
Hello everyone!

I was fairly impressed with the Power Quest mp3 I heard. We are looking for any new/upcoming bands out there with mp3s to play on our radio show. Every week we'll be featuring a cage match between 2 new heavy metal bands. Voting will be via call-in and chat room. Please send an mp3s or links to to edgeofforeverradio@hotmail.com and we'll gladly play your music for you. We're trying to get two bands to go head to head every week!

Information About Us: The Edge of Forever, Illinois’ Finest metal radio show coming at you from 4pm through 8pm CENTRAL STANDARD TIME every SATURDAY evening (that’s 5pm-9pm for all you East coast peeps). If you’re from Europe this will most likely be sometime in the early morning for you unfortunately. All you have to do is copy and paste the corresponding links into your plugins for your Win Amp, Windows Media Player, Real Player, or Sonique. Save the plugins as “The Edge of Forever” and presto- you can tune into the show.

The chatroom is at http://www.buedge.com/listen2/chat/chat.html and will be available for discussion and requests during the show- it’ll be a great place for us to discuss the new music and other topics!

Time: Saturday 4-8 pm Central Time
Request and Discussion Line: (309) 677-3456
E-mail Your Requests: edgeofforeverradio@hotmail.com
Live Chatroom: http://www.buedge.com/listen2/chat/chat.html
TEOF Website: http://mikemeyer.crosswinds.net/teof.html
Station Website: http://www.buedge.com/
AIM: siberiankh

Personal E-mails
DJ Michael (Michael): mmeyers@bradley.edu
DJ Tobias (1000 Faces): mr_1470@hotmail.com

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I might pit your band Titanium against Cyren on March 30th from what songs I have on mp3.com. Sounds like it would be a fair fight.

Last week's match was between Avidost and Soul Forlorn...

Set List 3/9/02
*Denotes a request

Royal Hunt- “Intervention” (full version)
Nightwish- “Crimson Tide- Deep Blue Sea” (live)

Dragonforce- “Valley of the Damned”
Kamelot- “Forever”
*Ring of Fire- “Face the Fire”
Angel Dust- “Unite”

Wolverine- “Towards Loss”
*Believer- “Extraction from Morality”
Ayreon- “Cosmic Fusion”
Ice Age- “To Say Goodbye (part 3)”

Rhapsody- “Power of the Dragon Flame”
At Vance- “The Time Has Come”
*Enchant- “Oasis”
*Geddy Lee- “The Angel’s Share”

(TEoF cage match victory for Soul Forlorn)
Soul Forlorn- “Her Hands Cold Upon My Neck”
Avidost- “Game Called Ruin”
Soul Forlorn- “Away with the Breeze”
Avidost- “Precipice”

Blind Guardian- “Sadly Sings Destiny”
*Evergrey- “Misled”
Jag Panzer- “Take to the Sky”
Reading Zero- “New Worlds”

Dream Theater- “A Change of Seasons” (live)

Power of Omens- “Test of Wills”

Domine- “Hurricane”
*Queensryche- “Needle Lies”
*Wolverine- “Leaving Yesterday”
Luca Turilli- “King of the Nordic Twilight”