New Rhapsody, Blind Guardian, etc... and our first new band cage match for 2002...

Michael TEOF

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Mar 4, 2002
Schaumburg, IL
I hope to see as many of you in that damned chat room this Saturday as possible :) My cohost won't be there, so I'll be promoting prog/power/death etc. heavy metal in Peoria all by my lonesome for 4 hours :) I'll go delirious!

This Week (Saturday March 9, 2002) on The Edge of Forever:
- Some new Rhapsody, Falconer, Blind Guardian, Royal Hunt, At Vance and much more…
- Interview with Sun Caged up on our website- be sure to check it out!
- Featured cage match of the week: Avidost v. Soul Forlorn (doomish/prog metal)… be sure to vote in the chat room! If any new bands want to participate- please contact us, we’ll have a cage match pitting your band against other new artists each week- votes will be tallied in the chat room or through callers. We want to play your stuff!
- I’m continuously putting up new songs to download. Bradley students, check the Bradley University network and look for the box “metalhead!!” Click on it and you can download up to nearly 1100+ mp3 and 13 music videos- so try out something new that you haven’t heard before!

Information About Us: The Edge of Forever, Illinois’ Finest metal radio show coming at you from 4pm through 8pm CENTRAL STANDARD TIME every SATURDAY evening (that’s 5pm-9pm for all you East coast peeps). If you’re from Europe this will most likely be sometime in the early morning for you unfortunately. All you have to do is copy and paste the corresponding links into your plugins for your Win Amp, Windows Media Player, Real Player, or Sonique. Save the plugins as “The Edge of Forever” and presto- you can tune into the show.

The chatroom is at and will be available for discussion and requests during the show- it’ll be a great place for us to discuss the new Blind Guardian album among other topics!

Time: Saturday 4-8 pm Central Time
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