FortuneCity can kiss my ass! (or arse if you prefer Virus) ;)

I knew it was coming. I just knew they'd do it. Thank Goodness that Lightnin can host the site!

FortuneCity is no longer allowing mp3s and is going to wipe them off of their servers! :mad:

What a bunch of lousy $%!%^#*!@!!!!

I guess the only sites that will be left on FortuneCity will be those lame, "Here's a picture of my dog Fluffy" type sites.

They offer 100Mb of space, but then do everything they can to make certain you can't/won't use it.

Oh Well. So much for FortuneCity. :p

Thanks again to Lightnin! It looks like he's really saved us! I'd pay for hosting somewhere, but I just can't afford it. :(

I'll still be very busy here getting our new house into shape, but I'll finish the site redesign as soon as possible. I'll be in touch with you then Lightnin and we'll figure out what to do.

That sucks. I used to think that the internet had the potential to be a great tool for sharing ideas, music, etc... I used to be able to find all kinds of cool things, free, the IMG being one of the coolest. Now search engines seem to work more like radio playlists where you are only shown the same sites no matter wich engine you use, partner sites, affiliated sites....beating you over the head with the same links like radio does with the same song. It's getting difficult to find anything good anymore.

Now it seems like the people with the money that control everything else are fighting frantically to shut down the freedom on the net, control it, regulate it, own it, and make sure they have one hand in everyones wallet and the other hand free to give us the finger when we complain about it.


Thanx for the alternate version EC! ;) :)

Fortune City Suck :( Full of adverts now and along with this new development... Bye Bye! ;)

P.S. "Picture Of My Dog Fluffy Sites" :lol: :lol:
Fortunes Of War, Fortunes Of War ;)

hey EC,

just contact me via this forum or thru icq when the new website is finished :) i will then connect it immediately with and then we have a new home :D


ps: at the moment im moving my server so this will take about 1-2 weeks i think. hosting can be done afterwards EC, cu!