Forum meeting in Oslo


May 2, 2006
Helsinki, Finland
hey guys,
this weekend i am going to be in Oslo for two and a half days and then I am flying back home.
I thought it might be a good opportunity to meet some Opeth fans from Oslo, so if u r in to it just be at the Central rail station main gate, near the tourist info center at Thursday (2nd of august) 7pm.
i am not so sure if i will have any chance to check out this forum again until then so that's the reason i've given the date and hour of meeting.
it will be very cool if we can recognize each other if everybody come with their Opeth shirts :)

i hope to see some people there...

i finally found an internet spot. i see that so far only one person replied. pretty disappointed...
i hope that people will still come although they didnt reply.

well. see u there. (i hope)