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Epiphone's can be good, particularly the higer end ones (Custom), but the quality is hit or miss. That reflects in Gibson's quality too. Peavey makes some good stuff, I'd check out the Ultra series combo. All tube, very crunchy and heavy. Also Line 6 combos rule if you're into digital.
It definitely looks like an interesting amp. Lots of nice features. I've never played one so I can't comment on its sound. Peavey makes some reliable products though I can't say that I've ever been impressed by the sound of any of their low end products. One thing about modeling amps- I've tried out tons of 'em and though I can't say I've ever heard any that have absolutely convincing models, there are some that have some good sounding models. So basically, let's say you're checking out a modeling amp like this one that's supposed to include a model for the Peavey 5150. It might sound decent but there's no way it's going to sound just like a 5150. You simply can't make solid state sound like an all tube amp. If you like the way it sounds then cool. It's best to try to find your own sound anyway instead of trying to sound exactly like someone else. Take this in mind though- I've learned throughout the years that gear that I used to think sounded good or guitars that I used to think were good guitars now I consider them junk. This might be hard considering where you live but if you have access to a guitar store that has a lot of really good products, then try out as much stuff as you can. The more stuff you try out in all different price ranges the more you'll realize how quality and sound varies from model to model. Luckily I have access to both Guitar Center in Chicago and Mars Music in Indianapolis which both have practically a warehouse worth of inventory, so I've been able to try out a massive amount of gear. The bottom line is that if it sounds good to you that's all that matters. Just try to keep an open mind, have patience, gain as much knowledge as possible, and explore your options.
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You serious dude??? I dig peaveys, that's for sure. Have never played one of those in specific though. Seems quite interesting though.

Yeah , serious would be the word . I'm sick of that fuckin Johnson 30 and 10 watts , fucks with your mind after a while . I'm just tryin to get a ride down to Gary's Music now . Fuck....... ahhhh this winter I'm trading my Bich of a guitar Mockingbird for something alot better , and thankx to SF i'm gettin a boss metalzone soon .