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May 2, 2001
Corner Brook Canada
I'm in search/need of a new set of guitar strings . I'm sick of all the same shitty sound that I get from the strings at the local music store . Anyway if you know of a good set I can buy from the net or something tell me of them , My gear you might ask?

I usually USE

Guitar : MOCKINGBIRD B.C RICH , N.J Series , Floyd Rose double locking Trem

Effects : DOD Tec4x Guitar Preamp fx processor

Amp : Johnson axl-30wea , very shitty amp , alright for clean , but dist sucks .

I would like to buy string espicially made for floyd rose , but anything well do . So tell me a perfect set of strings .

And yeah , I need a set that doesn't hall the bridge of the fuckin guitar when I tune to E .

Anyway thanks for the help ,
Glen O'Keefe
Wars of Winter
Originally posted by warsofwinter
I would like to buy string espicially made for floyd rose , but anything well do . So tell me a perfect set of strings .

And yeah , I need a set that doesn't hall the bridge of the fuckin guitar when I tune to E.

Like The Wanderer said, I don't think there are specifically Floyd Rose Strings.

Anyway, since you have a double locking system, you'll find springs behind your guitar that hold the tremolo in balance (ie. in level with the body). You must adjust the springs according to the string gauge and the tuning you use (E, I presume. :D). It's not the type of strings that causes it go wicked. Using simple logic: if your tremolo is in level in E tuning and you tune to D, the tension of the strings will decrease and the springs will drag the bottom of the tremolo down. And vice versa.

Just tweak, try and learn. You can find pretty good tips at -> Tech Tips

You're welcome! :p
My initial recommendation is get rid of the guitar!

If you can't do that, I recommend D'Addario 10's, but get it professionally set up. No string combo will help if the guitar is set up poorly. And unless you know what you're doing, don't do it yourself, you can really damage it, especially with a floyd.
I use Ernie Ball Power Slinky (yeah, 11's baby), but if you have the cash to shell out on them regularly, I say go for Dean Markley Blue Steels, those things kick ass. As for a clear best string? No.
I also use D'Addario. It's just a personal preference though. I've tried a lot of different brands and those just happen to be my favorite. As for Floyd Rose equipped guitars, I HATE 'EM. I'll never buy another one. Way too much of a pain in the ass if you change strings or tunings often. I rarely ever use the whammy anyway. From now on I use fixed-bridge guitars with sperzel tuners. If you get really sick of the Floyd you can have a pro block it for you.
I usually use 11's or 12's, but if I've going into the mud (i.e. C or lower) I use 9's or 10's as the brighter strings make the sludge a little clearer. I like Blue Steel's believe or not, but mainly stick to D'addario's. For bass I use GHS bass Boomer 55's
Ok thanks for all your help but I picked up a set of Blue Steel's today , and are they awesome , best set of string I've put on any guitar yet , I think i'm gonna stick to them for a while anyway . They were so easy to tune it was amazing , usually it takes an hour to put string on a floyd rose and then tune em to E but it took like 20 minute's this time . They also have a very clean and clear sound , and it makes my pedal sound 10x as good than before .
Almost as a rule of thumb I always use 009 - 042 (or 045) sets, since I very rarely tune anywhere else than E.

What dune_666 said about damaging your guitar is true, to a point, but messing with the neck is bitchy and scary stuff. :) Getting totally rid of that fret buzz while keeping the strings as low as possible if pretty much like finding Jesus or something.

Wars, be sure to re-check the intonation if you've changed the stringset. Different strings have different tensile strengths.
I haven't changed the strings on my Les Paul bass for 4 years... I used to play it so massively distorted that no-one would have noticed even if I did, I'm sure. Still sounds good to me, anyway :)

The strings on my guitar are actually starting to go rusty. I need to keep it that way or it'll ruin the sound of my band :)

I remember Chuck from Death slagging James Murphy years ago saying that he (James) was kicked out of Death for being totally unprofessional. Chuck's evidence? Well, Murphy didn't change his strings before every show...
hey musicians, great topic!

I use D'Addario strings, mostly 11's, because I play Epiphone Les Paul Classic (didn't have enough money for any Gibson guitar, sigh:cry: ) and I need that heavy sound. I also tuned my guitar to C# couple of times and it is great for doomy riffs and Pinf Floydish leads Anathema's Danny plays(like in Sunset of Age, with lots of feedback).
I haven't tried Blue Steel yet, but I know they rule.
I've also heard that GHS are also great for Gibsons/Epiphones.

Somebody asked why the bands tune their guitars down to C#(like My Dying Bride, Katatonia, Amorphis on Tales, In Flames or Saturnus), D (Yearning, I think Paradise Lost in the past and Amorphis on Elegy) or B (Anathema on Silent Enigma and Pentecost III, probably Serenades too, and lots of Death Metallers).
It is because of the really heavy sound but also because of the singer. Yeah, if the singer finds difficult (too high) for himself to sing in E, then guitarist/s just tune down their guitars - just think how crappy My Dying Bride would sound if they played in E !!! Aaron's voice yould be like in those wimpy power metal bands(like HammerFall and so). Yuk!

Even if I love that dirty, heavy sound of Gibson guitars, I would also like to play some Jackson with floyd rose and trem for awhile, to try that Samael/any black metal band sound, metallic and incredibly fuzzing (although the fuzz is about the effect, not the guitar)

Does someone know which guitars Opeth used on Morningrise?