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Jul 15, 2001
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Arch Matheos - “Sympathetic Resonance”
Out September 13, 2011

OUT 09.13.11
In 2010, Jim Matheos (current member of the progressive rock powerhouse Fates Warning and OSI) and John Arch (former vocalist of Fates Warning) teamed up to form the new progressive metal band,
ARCH/ MATHEOS who are preparing for a monstrous progressive release of “Sympathetic Resonance” OUT 09.13.11
The group's talent and versatility is apparent on their debut long-player, Sympathetic Resonance, which clocks in at just shy of 55 minutes. Jim Matheos notes; "a lot these songs, Neurotically Wired, Midnight Serenade, Stained Glass Sky, and parts of others, started off as material for the next Fates Warning record.
“Stained Glass Sky” now streaming along side the bands awesome pre-order packages: