Getting Your Album Reviewed

Although I understand why, it kinda sucks that mp3 releases won't be reviewed. It seems like more and more bands (especially DIY metal bands) will be moving towards digital-only releases in the coming years, but perhaps that's just me...

Digital is the way to go these days. You have to change with the times. Kids these days don't give a damn about CDS. Good luck to you and your band. Horns up!

BJ Nash
Reckoner is a five-piece progressive metal band from Vancouver, Canada. Since 2007, they have released an EP, played countless shows and developed a strong local following. They recently recorded their debut album at Armoury Studios with producer Shaun Thingvold (Strapping Young Lad, Lamb Of God, Misery Signals.) Find it in record stores in early 2011 or on itunes today.

more info and 3 tracks from the new album at or
download all of our albums for FREE. no catch, no signups. some things are really free. got to our official website at to download our music, including the new release, Bionomenclature.

Bionomenclature features innovative 8 string guitar, 6 string fretless bass and one of the fastest drummers from the space coast of florida. unique extreme metal.

for fans of.... oh wait... we dont sound like anyone youve ever heard... go check it out for yourselves.
There's a lot of extra expense to having CDs produced and it's increasingly not worth it. But I like a physical CD, too. It just stinks when people don't buy them and you have boxes of them sitting in your garage for years :)
Fans of Melodic Metalcore should give my band a listen. We're unsigned and trying to work our way up the local scene. Influences inlclude The Contortionist, Above This, Chelsea Grin, and Beneath the Sky. Check us out and if you like what you hear, hit the like button and spread us to your friends
Hey guys, I really wish I could categorize our music! We have had some very obscure feedback so I would just listen and let your ears form your own opinion. Here is just one track, if you dig it I can post another. Each track is significantly different so it is tricky for me to pick one that conveys our "sound."
Melodic metal from Finland, all the comments welcome!

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Female froned melodic metal from Finlandia!

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I have an instrumental metal solo project called Algarothsyum, and the debut full length album "Wastelander's Epoch" was released in May. It's atmospheric, instrumental metal depicting life and survival in a post-apocalyptic wasteland.

I have the entire album uploaded onto Youtube, as a playlist here:

I'm trying to get reviews and feedback of the album. Thanks!