Girl in a band = Death & Destruction

It stings and hurts so bad I have completely lost the will to live. I am now reading my own thread on how to kill yourself and trying to decide which way would be more painful. I feel so worthless and disappointed, all I want is to experience extreme pain for the rest of my really really short life. I've already sliced my arms multiple times using a razor so it kinda hurts when I type which is good. I think I might go with the hanging and breaking your neck method cause it's the only sure way to die but I don't have any rope laying around and I'm too lazy to go buy some. Nah I'd rather go up on the eighth floor and jump... I'll probably do it after I'm done eating my pizza and after I burn the picture of that girl I'm looking at right now.
"So,basically,your main reason for thinking that playing in a metal band w/females is that,if they were hot,you'd get to fuck them?"
Basically, yes. No, was just joking. Talent matters more than anything, which is the reason why if I were in a band a female wouldn't be in it, unless of course she was hot and wanted to fuck all of the time.
I hate feminists, they only go to show how prejudice people love to be. But now its politically incorrect to be racist so society has become prejudiced against men, smokers, etc.
"You're lucky I'm not one of those bitchy feminist Uberdykes."
Sorry, I couldn't help to do that. Seriously, talent and desire and personality is what matters. Gender, race, sexual preference, religion, etc. doesn't.
The people up on the 7th and 8th wouldn't let me jump out of the windows of their appartments and the door to the roof is locked. What the fuck. :mad: People are so inconsiderate these days.

Anyways, to go back to the female = evil thing, I read somewhere that it's now possible for women to use their own cells to fertilize themselves but the baby will always be a girl. Am I the only guy here to find this creepy? If you combine this new technology with the deep-seated hatred women have for men, what do you get? A future where only women will exist. Us men will become extinct. Again, what the fuck. So I say we men should all unite and show women where they belong. Obey your master woman! Just like the Middle fucking Ages... Ahh... those were the times.
Yeah you women have to admit that a band with a real good looking, not-so-talented female singer who knows how to use her to promote themselves has a better chance to be successful than a band with a talented female singer that looks like my ass.
Got a point Guerrilla. Where there is a lack of talent there is an emphasis on sexuality. But of course there is nothing wrong with that as long as they only perform on tv. You can turn down the tv and enjoy.
female in a band? jep, why not? our lead guitar's played by a really talented, nice chick: of course sometimes I think of gettin her layed .. but - man! I'm a man and therefore when i see a nice chick I think of gettin her layed but I won't do it (maybe cause me GF would slice me throat if she knew) .. so get lost!

an .. u think its easier in ones life to get ahead when beeing pretty? hahahahahaha jep
let's understand a few things:

it is a biological imperative that guys want to bone chicks. we are made that way, and it goes so far back that we all had sloping foreheads, way before there was any such thing as feminism.
trying to pretend otherwise is burying your head in the sand; however, that doesn't give guys a free license to be assholes. Monogamy is primarily a byproduct of religion, and even then not all religions. Add in the factor of culture and many societies freely accept the concept of men having an only very thinly disguised mistress or two. There has never, to the best of my knowledge, ever been a culture where women were openly allowed to have a harem of men.

In warrior cultures (say, American Indians), it made perfect sense for men to have multiple wives, because guys were always being killed in warfare, hunting accidents, etc. Polygamy ensured that all the tribe's women were "in production," i.e., keeping the tribe's population from declining and therefore making it vulnerable to other tribes.

there are more than a few "gay" bands, mostly in the underground. Pansy Division is probably the foremost homo band, and damn, I've got a brain cramp and can't remember the main lesbian band but all the critics love them because all critics are afraid of being politically incorrect. These are separate and distinct from "riot girrrl" bands like Bratmobile and Seven Year Bitch.
Look at this...


Now there's lots of stuff that can be said about this. So let's examine this picture. Classic female -in this case lesbian- hatred towards men. Alright now, you ever seen a gay man hate women? No, gay guys absolutely love women, they're a woman's best friend. So how come lesbians hate men? It seems that homosexual men and women have entirely different reasons for being homosexual. Gay men want to be that way because they love everything about a woman, while lesbians want to be that way cause they hate everything about men. Now I hope that made sense cause if it did you can see why females are the ultimate evil that must be DESTROYED! ELIMINATED! ENSLAVED!!! SCREW GIRL POWER!!!
Ahh... can't live with them, can't live without them... But they can obviously live without us so SCREW THEM ONE MORE TIME!
I hate the stereotypical lesbian. I hate how they act so pissy towards men... I just don't understand that... Okay, you don't want to fuck them, so what's there to be mad about? Women started hating men because of the whole fucking situation, so now the lesbians shouldn't have anything against men... they're a lot like men anyway.
Okay,I guess I get that one thing about guys-if they were in a band w/a female,then no matter how talented she was,they'd still want to fuck her.It's just a typical guy thing.But I can also see how a relationship within the band would ultimatley lead to the band's destruction.So,if it's all just meaningless sex(and lots of it) everything's just fine for everyone.And the whole feminist thing...well,I think that the idea of femininsm in the past had a good cause-women's sufferage and women's other rights.But I believe that now we all have pretty much the same rights.The feminist nowadays are just disgrunltled bitchy lesbians who rally for no apparent reason.For as long as I've been into metal,I known that the musical genre is mainly male-dominated.I've accepted that because,I don't know about you,but I don't think I'd like to hear someone like Britney Spears do Opeth's vocals(not gonna say a thing about Nevermore).But it's definatley cool that there are more women branching their musical talents out to something like metal.I'd like to get into a metal band because I love the music.And I wouldn't want to get any special treatment from critics who are afraid of being politically incorrect.I think all of the political correctness is bullshit because no matter how hard America as a socitey tries to be "politically corretc",we won't be.