GMC 400 Canberra

:mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:
I miss my v8's soooooooooooo much over here
over here a 2 litre is a big enging
Global Machinery Company... Dunno about Sigma's! HAHAHA!

Well, I checked the official V8's site... Go Skaife! Can anyone tell me what happened to Craig Lowndes? He didn't finish the 3rd race! (*grumble* ... Stupid missed race...! :mad: )
what did they take off them?
they have made holden reduce downforce several times.
holden are just better, sorry.....
Ford had heaps of trouble a while back when Cams took the downforce off them and really fucked them up:( . Anyway They may look like Fords and Holdens but thats about as far as it goes, however if Ford were winning id be happy and bragging about it too
as far as i know, cams reduced the front spoiler on the commodores, then to make it fare they brought in a controll spoiler, they are now exactly the same, the rear spoiler of the holdens had to be reduced. Both cars run controll tyres, the weight minimum and engine limits are exactly the same.
It's good to see - he's a good driver!

Shame to see Craig bow out of the race... Gibson are doing an amazing job for their first year, watch out for those guys next year after all of the bugs are worked out and they have a few more sponsors!

I'd say the comp is a lot more even overall now - 2 years ago it was HRT crushing everything in sight, now they at least have a bit of competition!