GMD Poll: Top Ten Albums of 1980

The only songs ACDC wrote which could be considered metal IMO are Hells Bells & The Razor's Edge.
"similarly enthusiastic and punctual to begin with" sounds like some kind of bipolar shit to me. Everything new and exciting at first. Travel the world. Have casual sex with many attractive strangers. Create a new U-M game thread. But it always gets old and you're left feeling empty at the end of it all.

the novelty wearing off things isn’t depression it’s normal human psychology you aspie freak
you cunts should all get on that brats album btw, shermann and denner's band before mercyful fate. sounds nothing like mercyful fate and isn't even metal a lot of the time but fuck it rules hard.

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Songs like Breaker, Fast as a Shark, Head Over Heels, Starlight, etc definitely do not suck.

Breaker (1981)

Breaker - 4/5 (speed metal, recognizable chorus)
Starlight - 3.5/5 (classic NWOBHM-style riffage, great solo)
Son of a Bitch - 3.5/5
Run if You Can - 3.5/5 (kind of thrashy mid-tempo riffage)
Breaking Up Again - 3/5 (ballad, bass 'ba dum-dum', more interesting melodies)
Feelings - 3/5 (mid-tempo galloping with a bit of Tank-swagger)
Burning - 2.5/5 (more rock n roll)
Can't Stand the Night - 2.5/5 (ballad, bass 'ba dum-dum')
Down and Out - 2/5
Midnight Highway - 2/5 (reminds of 'You Shook Me All Night Long')

Restless & Wild (1982)

Fast As a Shark - 4.5/5
Ahead of the Pack - 4/5 (great progression/riff-play in chorus, lotsa swagger)
Neon Nights - 4/5 (descending acoustic intro, kind of an almost-ballad/hard rocking ballad, cool stuff going on in the leads)
Shake Your Heads - 3.5/5 (anthemic, especially the chorus)
Restless & Wild - 3.5/5
Flash Rockin' Man - 3.5/5 (Welcome to Hell/2MTM/etc)
Demon's Night - 3/5 (kind of thrashy riffage, some interesting bits)
Get Ready - 3/5 (getting into AC/DC territory, but still pretty decent)
Don't Go Stealing My Soul Away - 2.5/5 (cowbell, stop-start, but I like the melodic chorus)
Princess of the Dawn - 2/5 (love the acoustic pre-chorus but the rest is so damn repetitive)

Balls to the Wall (1983)

Head Over Heels - 4/5 (damn this is triumphant)
Guardian of the Night - 3.5/5 (feels Priestier than usual, I like the bridge a lot)
Fight it Back - 3.5/5 (faster)
London Leatherboys - 3.5/5 (like the strutting vibes and hi-hat)
Winterdreams - 3.5/5 (softest/most melodic song)
Losers and Winners - 3.5/5 (speed metal)
Turn Me On - 3/5 (also strong solo)
Love Child - 3/5 (average heavy/speed but great solo)
Losing More Than You've Ever Had - 3/5 (lmao @ those triggered toms 3 minutes in)
Balls to the Wall - 2.5/5

Metal Heart (1985)

Metal Heart - 3.5/5 (has a slight Holy Diver vibe, rather "melodic metal" overall, strong neoclassical solo)
Teach Us to Survive - 3.5/5 (kind of speedy bluesy stuff, James Bond-ish at times, I could see it having inspired 3D-era Wrathchild America, great fitting solos as well)
Wrong is Right - 3/5 (speed metal, sounds kind of familiar though especially in chorus (probably self-recycling), strong leads again)
Midnight Mover - 3/5 (stop-start radio rock/metal, total pop chorus)
Bound to Fail - 3/5 (big power metal-style outro, otherwise trad metal/hard rock)
Screaming for a Love-Bite - 2.5/5 (hair/pop/melodic metal, total cheese)
Living for Tonite - 2/5 (also generic rock/SFV-lite metal, but a great solo partially redeems things)
Up to the Limit - 1.5/5 (riffless bass-thumpy rock)
Too High to Get it Right - 1.5/5 (repetitve riffless rock, a bit Priest-y)
Dogs on Leads - 1/5 (more borrowed SFV-era Priest chord progressions, bass-thumpy but with stupid whispered/mumbled vocals, worst chorus so far)
Tech is a good taskmaster.

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