Gonna get in early this time...

Thanks everybody,
A great time was had on both weekends(had my party a week early to avoid competing with the grand final/long weekend).The harbour cruise was great..perfect weather,5 hours on Sydney Harbour(then several hours back at my place) ,great music by Dave Tice and mark Evans,celebrated with 30 good freinds.Also,
got up and sung two songs with Mark Evans at one stage.....you shook me all night long and Born to be wild!!!!

My actual birthday was spent at Stadium Australia with 90,000 strangers...I got a couple of tickets in the end section for $30 each of one of the guys i work with...sold one ticket before the game for $70 which basically meant that i got to see the Grand Final for nothing....a pity 8 out of the 9 tries were scored at the opposite end of the field to where i was sitting