Gothenborg meeting

3 people shot by the police. Over 30 civilians hospitalized, about a dozen cops hospitalized, over 600 people arrested.

Actually, no.

The eu topmeetings are becoming a mecca of ideologies, all kinds of interest groups going where they are being held to propagate their ideas. Then there are the hooligans who go there only to make trouble, and when several dozens people or more go somewhere just to make trouble, there will be trouble.

What's wrong is that the focus is on the riots, not the meetings or peaceful interest groups. Why? Because all eu-meetings are held behind closed doors. Hundreds of reporters sitting outside, not knowing what's going on, nothing to report, hey look - a riot in the street, we can report that! The eu-people have no one but themselves to blame.

There should have been these kinds of riots when bush was elected. Was there?