Guitar Amps... Your opinion


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Jun 11, 2001
Hey guys,

I'm just posting a thread to see out of interest which is your favorite amp? Is it Marshall, Mesa Boogie, Crate or Fender? Tell us what setup you think is the best to get the best sound quality?:cool:
The numbers on my amp go up to eleven, right across the board. It gives me that extra push over the cliff. Most blokes have theirs up to ten and have nowhere to go from there.
I've got a big loud Crate Stealth 1/2 stack for sale if you're interested mate ;)

My main amp is a Mesa Boogie Tremoverb 2x12 combo, which I think totally kicks arse.

HOWEVER, if I didn't already have the Mesa, I'd be thinking of a Line 6 Flextone or what ever those things are called. I messed around with one in a shop a while back, and I liked it. Lots.

Basically it's designed to have a pretty good go at copping whatever sound you want, plus it has built in effects. Fun!