Combining Two Amps...


SF Progressive Metal
Nov 17, 2004
San Franciso, CA
Hey Everyone,
I'm doing a recording where the guitar tone we're searching for is a mix between a Mesa Boogie Mark IV and an ENGL Speical Edition. They're both being run through Mesa Boogie Cabs with 30's in them. My question is how do I get a clean signal from the guitar to both amps? Would I need to use a DI function or Slave Out function out of one amp and into another?
There are splitter boxes that takes the instrument cable form your guitar then has 2 outs for going to two amps. It also has a on off switch for both output channels, so you can have both going or solo either amp. I'm not sure where to get them, but I have seen them at studios and in live rigs.
cobhc said:
dont know how much that would degrade the signal though in the studio

I compared by running it straight into the amp and using the splitter, recording them.....only thing I noticed was a very small hair of volume drop tone was the same.

But I'm sure it depends on how good the splitter is.
actually, and stereo effect like a boss stereo chorus will do the same thing. all you need is two outputs.
of course, it's likely gonna sound worse than a dedicated high end signal splitter.

but what the hell, just quad track the guitars :lol: