guitar is so noisy (DI to computer)


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Dec 19, 2010
hey guys, i hope someone can help me with this, the thing is that i connect my guitar (i've tried with different guitars) to my audio interface, i have two, one is an RME Fireface 800 and a M-Audio Fast Track Pro, and with both i get a really noisy signal, when i use some Amp Sims like Lepou Legion or such its just really noisy and disgusting, i've tried connecting the guitar to a Di Box (Whirlwind Director) and then to the interface but it still has a lot of noise.

i wanted to ask if someone knows how to get rid of all that noise, i know it can be done because when you connect a guitar to an FX pedal like the Boss GT series, Pod HD or an Axe FX you dont get that kind of noise, maybe with a better Di Box like the Countryman??

hope you can help me, thanks !
does your computer have a wireless card? is it turned off? do you have antivirus disabled? are you running a bunch of bullshit programs in the background? just trying to rule out if it's a hardware or software issue...
Not entirely sure what type of noise you're referring to, but if your guitar is within 6 feet or so of the computer it is entirely possible you're picking up noise from the hard drive(s) and other electromagnetic noise.
Sample of DI with noise (i.e. some riff and pause to hear just noise, without guitar volume down) will be good to understand your problem.

I`m recording within 6 feet from computer and have not issues with excessive noise, noise depends on other devices like old CRT monitors/TV, radio etc.
^^^ Some computers are better than others. My studio PC is a great computer, but if I stand within 5 or 6 feet of it with a guitar I pick up a high frequency noise emitted from the hard drives through the pickups on the guitar. YMMV. Anyway, just something to consider if it helps.
Anything electromagnetic would suggest that the signal from guitar to computer is not sufficiently shielded.

Try a good quality lead first.

Secondly you cannot rule out that it may be something to do with the electrics in the guitar itself. Poor grounding etc could create hum/noise issues. Again, good wiring will help there rather than hinder.

I sometimes try to move away from my computer to record; I configure trapper to count in enough bars pre-recording to allow me to move away from my monitor and computer and get ready for the take.
Sounds like preamp hiss, as if the XLR output from the DI box is way too low and the interface's gain is cranked to compensate. There's a 30dB pad on the Director to select between instrument and line input, make sure that isn't engaged, or maybe it's just broken and engaged all the time... Have you tried the hi-z instrument input on the interfaces? If you still get hiss with that, then you can rule out the DI box being the problem.
i get the same kind of noise with both DI Box and the instrument input on the RME Fireface 800, dont know what it can be causing it.