Gus G Guitar Clinic London


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Jan 8, 2002
Southampton, UK
"Moreover, on April 24th (the day of the London show) @ 4 PM (16:00) Gus G. will hold a special guitar clinic @ FOPP Records (Tottenham Court Road, W1). A short acoustic set will follow and the guys will sign copies of their latest album "Allegiance". :headbang: :headbang:

ATTENTION: All attendees to the Fopp event will be entered into a FREE raffle for the chance to win the "Gus G 600 ESP Guitar" and a 1 years subscription to Metal Hammer magazine!!!
This sounds really cool with the acoustic set and the signing thrown in.

I'll be heading into London for that night's show at The Underworld anyhow. Now I'm thinking about taking half a day off work to get down there early for this as well.
Gus G is actually just amazing and down to earth :) He's lovely ^_^

I am so happy right now.

BUT I will be on a massive comedown tomorrow. Someone PLEASE help me find a way of getting to London relatively cheaply. I NEED to go!!! (I'm in Glasgow :mad: )

xx Kirsty