Happy Holidays


Feb 11, 2002
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Hello friends! Sorry for the lack of content lately -- my "day job" has been pretty demanding!

I can report the following:

* Bernie is continuing to make progress. No word on when he might return to his musical pursuits. We are first and foremost concerned with his health and the quality of his care and rehabilitation. I remain in contact with his family from time to time and will let you know as he progresses.

* We do not have a final release date but our new record is in fact finished and we are looking at late February / early March for release. We will be releasing a "lyric video" for one of the songs soon, and the label is interesting in more so hopefully we'll be getting something in front of a camera soon.

* We do not have any live dates planned at this time but look forward to touring in support of the record in 2016.

Between Bernie, the label transition, Ray's very busy last couple-of-years and getting our live album finished, it's been a slower than normal period for us -- but I promise your patience will be worth the wait. I'm very proud of this new record and think that our fans are gonna love it!

Happy holidays to you all, and a healthy and happy 2016!


Nick and the boys
I'm very happy that Bernie is making progress. I hope he will fully recover.
New album will be a blind purchase for me. Redemption has a special place in my heart. It goes beyond music.
It's sad that a music genius like you cannot live just from the music and need to have a day job. But at the same time, I'm sure it makes you have more to say in the lyrics with the experiences you have in your day job.
Happy holidays and a happy and healthy 2016!
Great news! Since about 2 years Redemption is one of my favourite bands. It's awesome they way you achieve complex and powerful progressive songs with breathtaking lyrics. There is no other progressive band like you. Hopefully the tour will extend to Europe and we will be able to see you for first time!! Rockavaria 2016 perhaps? :p

Ah! And don't forget about "Something Wicked This Way Comes", one of the top-10 progressive masterpieces of all time.

Good luck and hopefully see you soon!
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