Has Nevermore Ever Had a Bad Song ??


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Sep 14, 2001
I know there is always a poll for best Nevermore songs , But is there anyone out there who thinks there is a Bad song ?
I personally cant think of one can you ?:err:
Actually... i could name a few from DHIADW, but you people will shoot me down, because you have no objectivity towards your obsessions. :)

Narcosynthesis is bad for the first few minutes, until the chorus and good guitaring comes in. The intro is something that a 'Nu metal' band would do.
"Nu metal"??? Ok... you're the one who knows.

I guess they don't have "bad songs", only a couple of "not-so-good" songs. "The politics of ecstasy" (the song, not the album) and some from "Dreaming..." I guess. But overall, they're all great! :loco:
to me i dont think there is any bad nevermore song because with any song that other people might feel is boring or whatever i can always find something to focus on or someway to relate to it...
"Nu metal"??? Ok... you're the one who knows.

Yeah. I do know. The intro (two notes... over and over again!!!!) is the most irritating intro to a nevermore song ever.

What happened to brilliant intro's like that of 42147? or The learning?? Or The seven tongues of god???????? Or Beyond within???? huh??? Answer me that?

think before you attack dude. think. It's all perception and opinion. that of which you appear not to have!!!
any reality is an opinion... you make up your own reality...

I see what you are saying Trapped... Although I love Narcosynthesis, I agree that it is a very simple song, the chorus is awesome, solo... There are definately songs that aren't as good as others but no bad songs... I completely disagree about Politics of Ecstacy... I fucking love that song "Freedoms Never Free"
Add that...
A trying to be hard and loud tune. DHDW is a or trying to or was a vain atempt to help a wider audience. POE was a reertoire that was trying to be a formula. when are they going to be a live band.
I can name a few songs that are not so good(for me):

sea of possibilities
optimist or pessimist
the politics of ecstasy
evolution 169

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I agree with Trapped on Narco. It is very nu-ish. Jef uses a few more than two notes though, but still not.......

PoE is one of my personal fav songs.
Nevermore is the one band I listen too that i never skip a song while i've got on an album. They don't have any bad songs, but there are some songs that can't stand up to others. Narcosynthesis has a shitty intro, but the chorus and solo make up for its simpleness. Believe In Nothing isn't really my favorite track, its not terrible, but its too much off a power ballad for my tastes.