Hell yeh

This is gonna be amazing, I know it... I just can't wait to see Jani and Timo back, also the drummer is very skillful, I haven't listened to the bassist yet, but what the heck, he oughta be amazing too!
Nah man, think he dyed them. Think he either had dark brown or black hair, or blond, but whatever, he's back and he's gonna make more music!
This could easily be the best metal act that's come from Finland. :headbang:
Hope they come up with those samples soon.. :)
I really hope the high expectations of eveyone doesn't get to the guys of CO.. Too much pressure could really fuck this up..

Still!!! I hope all goes well with Jani's latest project and I look forward to the first samples from CO.
I got to listen Gather The Faithful master copy last night - Unf***ingbelieveable :hotjump:

It's better than Strato's Polaris by far :kickass:
Still no cd on shop.. Where its possible to order Japan version? Must get that one :)
Well I've listened to both all the way through. Both kick too much ass to say one is by far better than the other. Surely it depends what mood you're in. Saying one is better is just an empty value and too much of a generalisation when they are both so complex and varied. What can I say, I love both a fuckton!