Help me decite between 8ohm and 16ohm


Oct 15, 2010
So I have this problem that I have a Marshall 1960a with 4x16ohm stock speakers.
Then I got two celestion v30's to replace two of the stock ones. But the problem is that I somehow had presumed my cab held 8ohm speakers when it actually had 16ohms. I know I know, a really amateur mistake.
If I would have known there were some dangers to my amp I wouldn't have installed the v30's rather than just send them back and get new ones.

But the question now is. Do I keep the 8ohm v30's and buy 2 8ohm speakers to go with them or do I buy new 16 ohm v30's to go with the stock speakers?

EDIT: And I forgot to mention if it changes anything my head is a Peavey 6505+