Hey Guys, check this :) !


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Apr 7, 2008
First of all, I'd like to say 2 Words "YOU ROCK !" .
I never heard of u before, but now i got your 3 Albums cuz i cant get enough of you guys :D. We will see us in Wilhelmshaven, 18th of April.

I wanna ask u some Questions, would be great if u could answer them:

1. Do you have any Merchandise Stuff ? If the answer is Yes, what stuff?
2. I really hope u play "It cant be", its my fav song ! Can you say anything about your Tracklist that you are playing ? New Album only or mixed with old songs?
3. Please give autographs after the concert and to make some photos with you would be nice too :).

Greetings, Markus !

Rock the fuckin Stage :)
Hallo Leute!

Always good to see some support coming from the North of Germany !

Some short answers to your questions below :

- 1. Merchandise stuff will be available : t-shirts/sw-shirts/girlies/cds/posters and various accessories...
- 2. "It can't be!" is one of our "classics"... so maybe we will play this song and satisfy your wish... but I must admit we don't know yet. The set-list will surely be a mix of our different albums.
- 3. We will be pleased to meet you after the shows and no problem for the autographs and photos ;-)

Danke & bis bald!

Vincent / The Old Dead Tree