Hey Mr. Hyde

Hey thanks Constantine. That's just me playing along to the cd.
I originally asked for feedback on it to see if it sounded to others like I had it figured out right. I didn't get any feedback then, and I thought I took it down.
I eventually added the other guitar just for fun, but I don't think I posted that. I'm a little confused because I thought I deleted that file. Where did you download it?:confused:

Anyway, I still want to do this song, if we can get MM to give us drums???????:)
I don't recall ever seeing you put up a track on this and asking for an opinion. sorry mate. You know me..if I heard it, I would have chirped in with my 2 cents..

I found a copy of me playing along to the cd where I did both guitars. It's on myplay.

Give it a listen, and let me know what you think.:)
Ok. Constantine. I just posted a version I did with both guitar parts on it if you want to check it out.

I'd like to get this song started too.:)
Sounds great Hyde :) It sounds as it should, Im no master of this song though so Im maybee not qualified to judge if it`s 100 % right but it`s good anyway :) Go ahead and finish this tune I say!
Hi Hyde,

here is my 2 cents (or dollars :p ) as promised.

Great sound/tone. Captures that SIT sound great. 95% of the song sounds right to me.

Now here is the deal with the 5% that does not. The main melody line. And when I say the main melody line, I mean the faster one that starts at .56 seconds into your track - and repeats in other parts of the song.

Call me crazy, but I think you are either missing an upper harmony line, or misharmonizing one of the two lines you played...or they may have layed down an octave of one of the two you did. Its hard to say while I sit here at work with no guitar in my hand to figure it out.
Thanks guys for taking the time to listen to it. I appreciate your comments.:)

Rabies, I didn't use a tremelo bar on that part because mine is a basic crappy stock version that won't hold tune, so I improvised and used slides where there are tremelo dives on the cd. That might be part of what you're hearing. Also, there is another harmony note at the very end that I didn't play. I inserted my track along with the cd version into my program and they seem to mesh pretty well, but my ear could be deceiving me.:)

Thanks for the input.:)