Mr. Hyde


I think it might be best if you hold off on recording a bass track for this song. We don't have a drum track yet, and I'll end up re-recording my parts once we have a drum track, and you would probably end up having to re-record your bass track to get it to match.

I haven't seen any posts by MaidenMan on this song, so I don't know if he wants to do the drums. Let us know MM, ok??

With the previous comments in mind, if you still decide to record a bass track to what I've done, I'd like to hear it. You can email it to me if you want:

Thanks Constantine, I just got the first part. I couldn't quite get it in perfect time with my guitar track but I figure that's because you were trying to play along to my track without hearing the cd reference track I had present when I recorded. You probably had to guess a little bit at where to start since there wasn't anything on my track for you to reference. Sorry about that. Once the tempo picks up and becomes more constant it sounds pretty good.
There is quite a bit of noise on your track, do you know what the cause of that is?

I have to compliment you once again on those fast fingers!!:) :)

My email account should be able to receive the entire file but it does take a while to download it.