Hi Guys


Apr 15, 2001
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Been on a weeks holidays down the south coast at Tomakin near Batemans Bay - did'nt listen to any metal for a whole weeks . BlaSTED Kids.
Making up for it now with a bit of Sabbath.
Whats been happening ?

Did any of you go to the Alice Cooper Shows over the last coulpe of weeks - Cheers Bucko
Cooperman sounds like you a great stroke of luck with the AC tickets being that close for only $70 bucks.

Yeah I had a great MetAL-Less holiday but will make up for it in the next couple of days as ists back to the Coal face for me on monday.
I most certainly did see Sir Alice the Great, here in Melbourne. Was fucking great, as I knew it would be. I'd been waiting so long to see him, and I was so pumped up for the show. I'm gonna have to go O/S and follow him round on a tour at some stage.