How many kick samples are you blending?


Nov 13, 2006
Chile - La Serena
Out of curiosity, how many kick samples are you blending? are you filtering different areas of the samples to create one or just put samples without eqing and then procesing them as one in the kick bus to avoid phase problems that can happen when processing them differently? I usually go with 2 to 4 plus the real kick.
Two on more technical stuff, three for slower paced things. I actually process the kick a little to make it sound like a good kick while soloed/drum only mix, then go through samples for the layer, and find one that sounds good. Then I will buss those and make process them to sit in the whole mix
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I use Ezdrummer so my opinion should be taken with a grain of salt I guess. But I make my default Ezdrum samples to sound as real as possible. I'll go in by hand and make the velocities softer for certain accents like a real drummer would. I then take that midi and put it with a sample kick, I'll bump the velocity back to 127 for the sample kick only. I do some EQ for both the Ezdrum kick and the sample, and blend it together in a buss where I do a little Eq to blend and some saturation. The sample kick is usually lower in volume. I'm liking what I can get with this. It sounds organic but strong and processed at the same time.

I haven't tried blending more than one sample for the kick. But maybe I'll give that shot.
Of course it depends on the music but it goes from none (on well recorded acoustic kits) to 2 samples. I only do minor EQ processing individually IF needed.
One or two. I'm not big on stacking samples, it's got to be absolutely necessary. I've got to the point where I've got a few go-to kicks and snares for metal, and will always try to find one that fits the mix, with MAYBE some augmentation to the sound with another on top. I know if I'm stacking 3 or more then I'm in trouble and I need to go back to square one.
Using just a single kick mostly.
But if not, there is the same approach as for the bass: one for the low end, another for the mids and highs.
I tend to use 2 kick samples most of the time. Sometimes I add a bit of top end to them and sometimes I make more drastic adjustments. Depends on the original kick sound.
If I'm using a real kick then I will blend a bass heavy kick(SSD Kick 10,1 or 5) into parts with guitar chords held over a bar or two like intros to add power.

For double kick runs I blend in a slappy kick( SSD Pantera or black Kick) to add clarity.

I also sometimes add a kick room sample to clean or acoustic parts.

I usually don't have all these samples playing at once.

Then for the standard beats during choruses or verses I just use the real kick on its own.