When printing drum samples...?


Jan 21, 2010
Just to throw this out there, I'm using Trigger as many of us on this forum are nowadays.
Now say you've pick out your drum samples to blend in with your natural snare/kick/toms/whatever (or if you're programming in Superior, Slate, ect. and want to add more samples), do you:

1. Solo out and print each individual sample for whatever kit piece onto a separate track for each sample. For example, you've picked 3 kick samples to blend, so there's 3 separate tracks for each one plus your natural all going to a main kick bus. And are you EQ'ing each individual track for certain aspects of each?

2. Printing all your samples you've picked (volumes, tuning, ect. are how you want) in Trigger already, into 1 track and then EQ'ing that?

And a BIG thing I've been wondering... How do you all go about dealing with the room samples that come with Trigger? Let's say you triggered a snare room, do you print the room individually and put that room track in your SNARE bus or ROOM bus?

Just curious as to how people go about doing this and what's the most beneficial. =D
I usually go with 1 printed track for each sample... I find this way easier when I have to use a different eq for each sample..and also when I have to automate them. You can automate every single sample also in Trigger but you have more control printing each sample in my opinion
Thanks for the input! =D
What do you do with your printed room samples from Trigger (assuming you use them)?

And 217 views, but 1 response? Come on, guys!
When I use trigger's rooms I usually print them on the sample track (I mean, 1 istance of trigger with a sample and a room sample in the second slot)..if you use only a room sample, print it like it is a normal sample. Usually I use the real drums room but sometimes I add a little room from Trigger on my samples to add some air
Print that room separately, then you can squish it and eq where needed. If you want the room huge, kep it out of the drum bus, assuming you've got compression on the whole bus.