I got lotsa new cds :)


Jul 15, 2001
The starry attic
Well, as my fone bill was £65, and my parents are making me pay it :( I went out and spent my money oncds so I couldn't! :) My views:

Katatonia, LFDGD - wow cool! I like :)

My dying bride - TLATEOTW - Its all the same :p Ok, but surely this can't be their best album?

Anathema - Alternative four - the most annoying album in the world. Why god, why, why only ten songs? This should be a triple cd, so good. I have TSE, crestfallen, pentecost III and alternative 4, alternative 4 being my favourite, what do u think I should get next?

Cheers :)
Well Martin Powell the Violinist had left the band by then, so they had lost that trademark violin, the album had a much more modern, less romantic feel to it and was less death influenced than some of their earlier work (and LATEOTW).
It also contained the track Heroin Chic which is very un-MDB like and I'm not even going to try to describe it.

The new Finntroll album sounds pretty damn good from what I've heard so far - it will be my next album purchase.

And I just bought the new Dimmu Borgir album - another piece of art.
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for me "34.788% complete" is the worst MDB album by far....

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Chers :) I was told 39. ......% whatever it is was their best?

It is not worst, for me worst, boring and "pop" is "like gods of the sun". 34,788%....complete is very beautiful and touching. I like MDB albs in following order:
Trinity - 1994 (compillation of 3 EPs)
Turn Loose the Swans - 1993
34,788%...complete - 1998
The Angel and the Dark River - 1995
The Light at the End of the World - 1999
As the Flower Withers - 1992
Like Gods of the Sun - 1996
Cheers Anthony. I'll get turn loose the swans 1st I think (if I can ever find it on sale!) Then the ones u suggest. I liked the order you recommended the Anathema :) I've now only not got serenades and afine day to exit cos I can't find therm newhere. I love this band! :D Cheers man :) :D
These are the best words I ever read here!!! And it's a great honour for me ! My CDs are never laying on a shelf, I give them to every man who is interested in good music, now I christen you by river of understanding to spread good music in general and ANATHEMA especially!!!
Thank you, friend!:)
No, thank u :) Anathema are one of the greatest bands I've had the pleasure of listening to, along with selected others, and it usually take quite a few months if not years to get onto that list! They rock so amazingly, all albums, throughout their different styles. They are amazing! Whatever they do, they do it so well!

I lend all of my cds out 2 :) I spread the word of all bands I can!