I got made redundant, GEAR TIME!


Aug 26, 2007
Perth, Western Australia
So yesterday we got told they are shutting down the office in our state so all our roles are redundant, were offered a few options, we can relocate to the eastern states or move into retail area over here, or take a redundancy payout and find a new job. As my redundancy works out to $5500, I'm thinking I shall take it and buy enough gear to be able to record live drums.

Soooooo at present I have a motu 828mkII which has 2 mic pre's and 22 ins, adat, yada yada, so thinking about buying the motu 8pre unit, along with an Audix DP7 kit which has the D6, D4, I5, condensers, etc. And a pair of monitors.

My current mic locker is a couple of SM57's, an SM58, an AT2020, and a T-bone RB100.

Do you guys think the DP7 set will round me out nicely to start recording real drums, and will 10 mic pre's be enough, or any other suggestions for me?
i'm not sure i'd go with the DP7...i don't know how hot those audix condensers are. nto to say they're bad - i've never used them, and don't think i even know anyone who has, but my $$ would(and did) go for a DP5-a set with something else for the OH's

oh, and bummer(and congrats) on the lay-off and subsequent severance...
Rode NT5's, Studio Projects C4's, Oktava MK012's, Search Function 2000's... ;)

And bum deal on getting laid off dude, but this is a helluva silver lining! I'd go for a Presonus Digimax FS over the 8Pre though, the preamps in the MOTU are apparently kinda crappy, and the Presonus' surprisingly good. As for monitors, depends on your budget...
Alright so I've been doing a bit of shopping around today and been to a couple of music stores here highly recommending the Mackie Onyx 800R for the preamp unit, been doing some reading online, got some excellent reviews in sound on sound, etc... Also I've read more than a few threads on here about people having issues with presonus products and one store was warning me off them due to them being finicky. Anyone have any experience with the Mackie unit?
i don't have an 800R, but a well-regarded producer i know does, and uses it to much success along with a fireface 800. i have a 1640 myself, and have nothing bad to say about it, besides the EQ/inserts not being in the path of the firewire output :grrr:
Onyx preamps are awesome, I love my 1200F. Going to pick up an 800R in the winter I think to expand my inputs.

As for overheads, look into Audio Technica ATM450s, Studio Projects C4s, Rode NT5s (no pad though, it's a bitch if you don't have pads on your preamps), Oktava MK102s, or if you can afford to spend a little more, AKG C451Bs or Shure SM81s.
That's funny, we all got told at work yesterday that they're taking offers for voluntary redundancies, and mine would work out at about £4,300 if it was accepted. I work in a shithole, so I'm gonna give it a shot I think. I wouldn't spend that money til I got a new job, because worst case scenario, I can live off that money for 6 months.

So after some more shopping around, I'm looking at some SE Electronics mics, http://www.seelectronics.com/sE1a_Stereo.html , for the overheads, definitely going with the Mackie Onyx 800r, AB'd tons of monitors, think I'm gonna go for some KRK VXT4's, was very impressed with the tight focused bass response on them. Grabbing the Audix DP5-a kit, an m-audio Axiom 61 key controller. Grabbing one of these for vox also : http://www.seelectronics.com/rf.html

And last on the list, a Cole Clark Fat lady 2 : http://www.coleclarkguitars.com/product_fl2.asp
Yeah, the VXT-4's looked cool, and good for the price, I'm definitely considering 'em myself, so keep us informed!
Just thought I'd necromance this thread with an update as to what I'm getting when my redundancy comes through in the next couple of weeks (Yes I have another job commencing immediately ;) )

Mackie Onyx 800r preamp strip
Pair of Adam A5 monitors
an M-Audio Axiom 61 controller keyboard
SE Electronics Reflexion filter
a 12x4 50ft Multicore
Gator 6 RU rack case
Audix DP5 kit consisting of D6, i5, D4 and 2x D2
Pair of Rode NT55's for condensers
Shure SM7

and an ESP BTL 5 string bass :)