I left Farmakon and Screamchain


wyke "the drumming wizzard" "can play" 6 secs of Deftones´ - Around the Fur.. Toni should call him.
Christ on a pogostick, I leave you people alone for two weeks and this is what you've become.

This is sad news for me. When Riku left after AWG I was worried because, well, the drumming on that album was the best (and by that I mean most fitting to the music, I suppose) I'd ever heard up to then. So after his departure I thought it would be downhill. Then I heard Robin and realised it was more than a match for AWG drumming-wise, which made me a very happy bunny indeed. Now I'm back to worried about the next drummer. Surely there can't be a third one that good in the Tampere area? :erk:

Matti, make sure you post here as soon as a demo or anything from Absinthine is ready. It sounds damn interesting.
...And here's another band I just joined as a singer:


Official statement:

30.05.2008 - Jarno leaves Crystalic, Matti steps in.

Jarno´s statement:
It´s time to go ahead. I have to leave Crystalic because my heart isn´t 100% in the band anymore. I´ve always been singer/songwriter and I want to continue my own musical journey. That means composing my own music from now on (as it was before Crystalic). I wish Toni and the rest of the band great future on their career.

On the same breath we´d like to announce the addition of Matti Auerkallio (ex-Farmakon, Foxy Flammable, Avenie, Duality) as Crystalic´s new singer/frontman. Matti is a really talented multi-instrumentalist and he growls like a demon and sings like an angel! So expect some clean vocals on our next album. The recordings are scheduled for the next fall.