I make logos and artwork for free


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Aug 30, 2009
So, I make logos and artwork for free... You can see the artwork I've made here:
My logos in myspace
My art in myspace
And... Well, no band has used any of those (probably because of the weird names, etc)
And by the way, if someone requests a logo with a weapon, or something, I might use a public domain image of that. BUT if you want me to draw that sorta thing myself, I can do that. But it takes longer to do, so it takes longer to do... :lol:
Anyway. So, check out my blog, and request something. :lol:

Rules for requests:
1. Do not make spam requests (like stuff you already know you don't use)
2. Don't request with copyrighted stuff (a band name that already exists, etc)
3. No more than 10 requests at a time (every page for an album art counts as 1 request, etc)
4. You MUST say I made what I made somewhere (for example, if you use it in an album, write a small text "certain art made by SekoIdiootti" or something)

Please do requests, people!
Oh, and I post this message to some other forums too, so don't start weirding about that. :)
Oh, and you can see more of my stuff in my myspace, in the logos album:

And people, someone MUST have a band in need of logo or something...! :mad:
Seriously, does no one have requets? Is it because I offer doing stuff for free? So you think it wouldn't be good quality? :err:
People... Please request... OH, and I deleted my blog. Now you can see all the logos, etc, in my myspace.
Bump again... And I've noticed... Only two bands have used logos I made! They just request them, but don't use them!!! D: