I need your info! ------>

I was just now getting to redesigning the "Members" page for the website. It will now be called the "Our Musicians" page instead. I want to avoid using the word members now because it makes people think that theres some sort of process to join, which of course you guys know that there isn't.

Anyway, I want to include a small profile for each of you. I want to include info like:
  1. Screen name
  2. City and Country that you live in
  3. ICQ number, if you have one and want to give it
  4. E-mail address, again only if you want to give it
  5. which instrument(s) you play
  6. A link to any homepage you have, or maybe your band's homepage
  7. Then finally, any other info you would like to include like bands your in, hobbies, etc, etc.

    I think it's best to skip any pics for now, just to save space.

    Please post this info in this thread, and I'll include it on the page. Also, if there's any suggestions you might have about the page, as always feel free to post them. :)