I think i owe you guys an appology......

Slash Freeman

Iron Maiden obsessive
......as most of you will have guessed, i've not exactly been happy lately. i've just gotten back from a week in jersey and i've been thinking. before i left all i was doing was posting messages and/or threads basically say "oh, pity me. i've got x number of days left before i'll see her again blah, blah, blah". i shouldn't have. i may have been upset and unhappy but i still shouldn't have been so self involved. i'm not saying i'll cheer up, but i'll stop posting those threads, and end the count down. i'll just do that in my head.

sorry once again, guys.

Yeah, like the guys said: No problem!
If it helps to get the load off your chest, then do it.

And don't worry, "Your time will come!"
Like one cool band put it! ;)