I want out: vox and backing vox


United We Stand
Apr 16, 2001
West Palm Beach, FL
ok since this is turning into a kick ass project I'd like to take it a step further:

7th your gonna rip all over this one:) you'd better warm up the old chops cause that Leave me aloneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee bit at the end goes on for some 20 seconds, lol I've tried it mysalf and it's freaking hard

Everyone else who's interested I'd really like to have a backup vocal track for this one. The parts I'm looking for are the I want out! 's during the chours and then the brigde part right before the solo.
Million ways......
Million ways......
In the end

rather then have 7th do em all, since there is a clear distinction between the backing and lead vox in the original, i thought it'd be cool. plus it'll give some of us non singers a chance to flex.

any thoughts?????
Because these vox are all DONE cept for the (IWANT OUT)
I was gonna lay them but started getting burn out so you can have them with out backing if you want...
I had no problem singing this song:lol:
Fast turn around 7th.

...about the backing vocals idea. I think its a good one. I can't contribute due to a lack of Microphone right now..but I would like to suggest how you guys go about it.

How about somebody (like 7th or Jim) sing it first and then MM mix it in. Then everybody else who wants to chime in record to that reference track. That way you don't get 9 people all singing the parts in different ways/pitch/timing/phrasing/etc...

I thought maybe the original would be ok to use as a reference, but I think having one of us singing the harmony to OUR tracks would be even better.

Just a thought. Can't wait to hear the final version.
7th........you rock brotha. I just got your leads and they are bad ass.......

ok now, i need to get the back ups. I'd really like to get as many people involed as possible...

7th can you do me a favor and do the root vocal for me to post and for others to have as a refference?

just give me 1 I want out . you dont need to do em all, I'll just mix them all in. and then i need the back ups for the bridge too. Try Keep it simple, remember these are supposed to sound different from the leads:) thanks!
Uhhh..I hate to say this but I would rather not.......
Anyone of you guy's can lay a reference track!
why don't you get one from everybody see which one works best then have everybody sing again along with that track...?

I just want to see what you guy's come up with..
if it doesn't work out I'll lay the tracks my self:D
I got no mike...so I can't...but I am very eager to hear the results of this! This will be our first tune with backup vocals (that were not done by the primary singer himself). This could be the next big thing to take us one step further! :)
A question: Do you mind if I do (if I decide to do some backing that is) the chorus one octave lower?
I could do it higher but it'd be a bit easier to do it lower...
Eddy............please feel free to do it anyway you'd like.

remember this is a backing part so no one is gonna stand out too much, so have a little fun and don't worry about sounding bad......I'll post the ref track for the B vox and you can all have a laugh at my singing and then you'll see it's goona be fun. I think I'll post em tommorow:)

oh and Rabs..........I need as manny as possible, cant you just scream into an old boombox/radio.......anything with a mic brotha:)