Singer wanted, vox needed - Modern thrash/death inside C&C much appreciated!


Doeds Groed & Floede
Aug 11, 2006
Greetings! Yes - modern thrash track (very) rough mix - all comments are welcome.

Since there has been some interesting collaborations on this forum I'd just sneak this thread in, and since we're always interested in feed back on our tracks it might as well be in this subforum, so here goes:

Our band (GhostCell) is looking for a singer. Since this is a studio project distance is of absolutely no importance - anyone that can do vox in english without an accent is more than welcome to try. Only requirements is that you have the equipment to track your vocals where you live. Vocals in the thread of Soilwork, Mnemic, Threat Signal, In Flames would be perfect - any other styles are welcome as well.

I've come to the conclusion that I'm not going to do any good doing the vox myself - tried a couple of tracks (two posted on this site earlier on - one can be heard here - the other track here:|pe1|S8LTM0LdsaSiZ1KyZW8 ) - vox didn't work well enough I think and the new singer will have to retrack those vox as well at some point.

We have 8-10 tracks ready, ideas for many, many more and so far we've recorded 6 tracks. We are from Denmark, we all love metal and are very serious about what we're doing, two of us has been in / is in other metal acts that has released a couple of full length albums on a UK label, we're in our mid twenties to early thirties, a philosophy graduate, a childcare worker and a doctor. We produce, mix and master everything ourselves.

You must like the genre - listen to the test track , listen to the two track from the links above.
You must be willing to record vox for a new track every 1-2 months or so.
You must speak/sing english without an accent.
You must be able to write some decent lyrics.
It's probably not necessary to say that we do NOT tolerate any pro-violence, pro-crime, racism or any kind of religious fanatism and that should count for the lyrics/singer as well.
The more styles the better, screams, growls, clean vox and so on.

A guideline regarding the vox for the test track:
0:39 verse 1 start
1:05 verse 2 start
1:31 chorus start
riff at 2:50 needs vox too

We encourage anyone to try. Record the vox (one verse, one chorus and the 2:50 riff as a minimum - the whole song if you're really into it) and make an mp3-encoded rough mix (vox+music) and/or just the vox alone and send it to or or upload it to a server and email the link.

Hope to hear from as many of ya as possible!

I'm really digging the production alot! Awesome...especially that kick. Care to share any details about that?

Thx! The kick is DFHS loaded with the 22" Premier Kick sample, blended with the sneapkick.gog 25%. The lower mid is cut out and then compressed to taste.

Looking forward to hearing some vox for this track - I know there are several talented vocalists out there - fire away!

Kickass production Kromann! that kick is indeed very cool, very rounded and deep sound to it, works perfectly in this mix.
Awesome production and I'm really diggin the tune... very much in the Soilwork vein. Best of luck getting some quality vox! Believe me if I could sing I'd give a crack at it.
If you don't mind me asking what are you using to get your guitar tone?
Awesome song good song structure makes me think IN FLAMES not bad at all Good job Ilike the dynamics of the snare rolls killer programming
Thx a lot everybody! I'm dying to hear some vox for this one - so far there are two singers/screamers giving a crack at it - to early to say anything. One is an australian with an insane potential, really looking forward to hear more. But keep it coming, nothing is final yet.
we wrote lyrics last night. I have a session today, and i think tommorrow were gonna lay down the vocs if my schedule doesnt fill up.... :headbang:

Awesome, just send it - have been recieving some promising stuff but nothing is final yet.

Awesome song good song structure makes me think IN FLAMES not bad at all Good job Ilike the dynamics of the snare rolls killer programming

Yeah, we can't deny there's a lot of In Flames inspiration here and there - all good things seem to come from Sweden these days... :headbang:
i've written and recorded a few vocals for it. still need to think of something good for the chorus though.

Edit: here's a snippet of what i have so far, which is not much. let me know what you guys think.

Sounds great man, love those screams and the very first part of the vox - could you drop me a line in an email (you can find the adresses in the first post above) - if you have more snippets you can send them there. Also what gear du you have for recording and so on. Keep it up!