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Iced Earth - Alive In Athens (DVD) - added - October 21st, 2006
Reviewer: Ruben Mosqueda

Jon Schaffer has gone on record to say that he does NOT want the Iced Earth fans to buy or see this DVD. Jon feels that it does not meet the standards that he has set for Iced Earth therefore he didn’t release it. This DVD includes thirty tracks and was recorded in Athens, Greece in January 1999 during two sold out nights. Initially meant to accompany the double or triple CD sets (depending on the size of your wallet), but as Jon stated, he didn’t think it was up to snuff so in the archives it went.

After viewing the DVD I’m wondering how much of Jon’s statements are in spite of his former record label Century Media, their split wasn’t a clean break and to me it sounds like he’s still fuming from the best of compilation that was issued without his blessing. And having seen the DVD, I don’t see where the “lesser” quality is within, true there are three tracks that aren’t found (including fan favorite “Iced Earth”) due to technical flaws, but over all Alive In Athens captures the energy of the Greek audience and a band on top of it’s game, giving 110% for the camera. Granted this is far from the high definition stuff that has rolled out in the last year or two, but for it’s time it’s pretty damn good. Keeping in mind that this was recorded at a time when the technology was in it’s infancy and if you think about it, the first concert recorded specifically for DVD was Metallica’s Cunning Stunts which has some wild camera work and they had an endless budget to work with. There’s nothing on Alive In Athens for either the label of Schaffer to be ashamed of, that is for the extras; which consists of two five minute segments, one being Schaffer sightseeing in Greece and then some backstage footage. The extras are really nothing to write about in detail; still they won’t take away from this historic event in Iced Earth's career.
I dunno if it's the same footage, seems like it is, but I have a VHS of the "Alive in Athens" show, and it is pretty killer...Nothing spectacular, but a good show, and worth having for sure.
Patiently waiting for this one to show up on my door step...

Upon Sixx's advice I stopped by BB after a meeting and picked up the KISS!!!

And now I return to my 70's flashback... Groovy!!!
What did you think of the KISS DVD?! I haven't sat down to watch it, as I have about 90% of the stuff on either bootleg DVD or VHS. I will have to give it a proper look this weekend coming up! I love the packaging!!!!
The Version I got has the MSG '77 show as the bonus DVD...
sixxswine said:
What did you think of the KISS DVD?! I haven't sat down to watch it, as I have about 90% of the stuff on either bootleg DVD or VHS. I will have to give it a proper look this weekend coming up! I love the packaging!!!!
The Version I got has the MSG '77 show as the bonus DVD...

First off KISS was a HUGE influence on me. The 70's KISS was the shit for me. Somewhere around the 80's I really lost touch with them other than I knew that they were still plugging along... My first concert was seeing KISS on the '79 Dynasty Tour... Priest opened for them.

I never had any of this footage or saw anything that is in this (these) box sets...

Having said all that, I though everything was GREAT! Besides the poor sound quality, the poor camera footage... If it was any other band I would say that it is basically crap. For some dumb reason this is great to me. Nostalgia I guess. I suppose that package as a whole puts the whole KISS deal in perspective for me. I mean they were basically a 1/2 assed band that had a HUGE gimmick that put them WAY over the top. If they were not wearing the makeup and putting on a visual spectacle, nobody would have thought twice about this band. I think it is great that they did what they did... and I suppose, continue doing what they are doing. In the end it is like anything else and is just business... and boy are they good at business.

I am glad that they put this stuff out and it really is basically a complete look at early KISS. You can see how the talent or whatever started failing as time went on. I think that it is a miracle that it lasted as it was as long as it did. Going from humping your shit around in a station wagon to being the Hottest Band in the World is no small feat and I am sure that it would be taxing on a person... or group of people. It was too bad that the gimmick got in the way of the music. As the earlier footage shows, they were pretty damn good in their prime (Alive I period). The records that followed were great (Destroyer, R'N'R Over...) but to me they were never represented that great musically live... The gimmick made them and they ran with it. If they could have pulled off the Destroyer stuff live that would have been fucking huge... My personal opinion though says that they basically lost it after Alive 1 and they rode the gimmick out to the fullest... basically avoiding pulling off the music live.

They were larger than life to me and I guess they will always hold a place in my heart. These recording neither made me back into fan boy or neither ruined the KISS experience for me. All in all it was just great information.

I also got the Iced Earth disc in the mail yesterday and took a little time to browse thru it. I can't quite see what the hell Jon is saying that this stuff is not quality material??? But then again, I just spent a few hours watching the shitty quality KISS footage! I gotta admit that I have always loved this band. Jon Schaffer grew up in Fort Wayne which is about 20 miles away from my home. I saw them opening up for Megadeth and had a chance to talk to Jon and Matt quite a bit that night. A little later I ran into Jon again at another bar... He was sitting talking to his girlfriend from back in the day. Said he hadn't seen her for like 14 years. A truly humbling experience for me! Matt and Jon were always very nice and down to earth... and would talk about anything... Jon never came off as he seems to be... That show would have been like the second or third time that they played in Indiana and the first time they played in his old hometown. That always seemed strange to me since he lives here and could "try out" his shit in quite a few local places.

I feel bad for anyone who never got to see Matt Barlow perform with them live. He was a real talent and to me was the perfect singer for Iced Earth. This disc really shows how great a talent they were... Here's to hoping that the new Iced Earth disc is all that Jon says it is going to be.