idea i had for when Nevermore tours (for east coasters)

Will Bozarth

Everlasting Godstopper
Jan 26, 2002
New Jersey
i had an idea to gather a bunch of board members from Washington DC, Virginia, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland, and other states in that area. my idea consists of us board members meeting up some place, then going to a Nevermore show. this could even include the Kentuckyians if they'[re up for the drive *cough*ledmag*cough*... just an idea i had that ledmag inspired, to meet fellow board members... anyone up for it? we could probably meet up in Virginia or somewhere for a show
Yes,that wouldrule!!!If I had the transportation...which I don't.I don't believe my parental advisors would be up for the idea of me meeting up with my internet associates.Amos,could I go with you?Please?
What the hell,maybe my mother could take us...she has told me that she'd take me to concerts depending on the time and location.We could just do the meeting up with fellow Neverheadz in secret.
Don't worry,you and Gallu have been forgiven.She doesn't hate you guys.She did offer to giveyou a ride home at 3 in the morning,as she told me.And she did take us all to Wal-Mart at 8 in the night.Still,just try to tune down your wordage.And I'll do my part not to be such a dumb ass and I'll not leave the intercom on all night.
Exactly the same w/me and Gallu,I'm sure.We didn't say the stuff we said because we were trying to shock anyone of act "bitchy" or "badass",as my mother assumes.We say the stuff we say,but I guess now we just have to be more respectful of my parents hang-ups and whatnot.