I'm not...

I might join you on that and wait to be able to buy the album... It all depends on if I remember to set up DTB songs when I do downloads at night. Lol.
i actually had some MP3s of songs from SYL which was bootlegs live songs that been recorded before the album get out. and this has been a good thing since i had to ear force fed and consequence before the devour single (which is , without any contest , not the best song of the album)
so then i had to get a clue of what was the new album as soon as possible and i still believe that as soon you have the possibility to get even a 1 min song extract of an album your looking foward to , that you hear it anyway because you know you will have the album anyway probably. as far as "keeping the surprise for the big moment and wait to have the full lenght all well prduced album underhand" to listen to it is meaningless , otherwise , why there would be something called demo songs before the album even get recorded.
OceanbarD said:
otherwise , why there would be something called demo songs before the album even get recorded.

So the band can have something to work with and to listen to so they can say "Hey, maybe if we do THIS instead of this, it would sound better, let's try it."
I d/led Damnation but only d/led the two DTB tracks that were on mp3.com mainly because I was too lazy and also digesting all of Damnation and didn't want to have an overload. So, I'll probably download AE soon or just wait until it's released.

I went without downloading Deliverance so I was allowed to download Damnation. Besides, I didn't ever say I wasn't going to download it so I went ahead and treated myself. Of course, I fully intend to buy it when it's released in a month or so. :)
update: i've been listening non-stop to both of those, and both albums are now permanently ingrained on my subconscious mind and will linger there for all eternity. DTB is far superior to the most recent SYL album. I have to say it's my favorite piece of Devin work. I was listening to it in the car yesterday at full volume and basking in the absolute brilliance...

They're both masterpieces. You waiters all in for a very pleasant surprise. :)

Anyone know if the preorders have started for the DTB limited edition disc?
Apparently the limited edition is going to have a bonus CD with the ECKO project on it.

I'm clueless about what ECKO is, though. I'm mad that I missed my opportunity to get the Terria limited edition with the bonus track(s), so I'm getting this one as soon as it comes out.

And Alex... THANK YOU for changing your avatar. That other one was disturbing and making me lose sleep. :D
oh well, the Terria bonus track (its only one) isn't that good, but the live videos are cool.

yes that freaky avatar I had before...I don't know who he is, but he scared me, too. so now I go with good old Bert!