wow...i agree.......

Ill start a positive post outlaying where im at with our recordings then..... thats if anyone still checks in here......

Chemical : Where are you jim ;) .... maybe u can just email over what you have already...( i think the verses and first 2 chorus' sounded perfect...) ...and i can just punch in the outro chorus' later....

Tower : Yup...where is EC....??? Hope things are going ok with ya.... DYING for the bass on this baby....... lol

Children : Hope my tracks were ok adde...??? Send me over yours as soon as you have em...... RABS...ill email all the parts over again probaly on the weekend.....

Seventh : Hows this one developing const...?? Any signs of you squeezing some time on this one also rabs..??

And thats it with me.... i have seventh to mix and im outta projects...... but just hearing what everyone else is doing is enough rewards for me though.... so im cool to wait to things are a pumping again...!!! there anybody out there......??

Hey dudes,

Although I've been extremely busy, I have been messing with Chemical, Icarus, and Ive got the FIre.

The problem seems to be that they are all a stretch, and I keep bouncing back between them and never end up with a finished version Im happy with...

I will pick one and finish it up, then move on to the next.... etc.
Hiya all ! :)

I'm still here, and I'm still pluggin' away on the website, and The Tower.

I've had a few things going on lately that have kept me very distracted.

Anyway, things around here will be picking up again soon when the new site's up and running. After that, I will certainly be doing more projects, including some writing I've been wanting to work on.

Cheers! :)
Hey guys, I've been really busy but I do check the board every night.

Part 2 of Seventh is touch. I'm not sure who is mixing the song but here is the question of the night.

The bass track for part 2 repeats itself over and over. I've begun the recording process but I screw up every time. Would it be possible to do the track once before the repeats and have it mixed over and over to complete part 2?

Please advise.
On a side note, where are we with the drum tracks to Caught Somewhere In Time?

Take Care
Constantine :loco:
Const : Im the mixer on seventh son....

If u wanna do it that way then no worries...ill somehow loop your bass track so it repeats....then match the drum high hats to it......

If u can though.... record the E and C part as one loop..... instead of one for E and one for C....that way there will be alot less splices....

Email it to me ASAP.... and ill mix up a version to send on to rabs....
Hi all,

I've kinda been out of it for a week or two. My first check in days. I apologize.

I've still been practicing when I can. Mostly Murders....which I think I am about to finish off (my parts any way).

I see 7th son is slowly making progress. I'll probably re-visit this song soon and chunk down my 1st and 3rd parts.
Glad to see you`re back man, I was really starting to thinking where the hell you are at :) Im soon ready to start recording Murders, cuz all my work on Children is almost done :)