Important Vehemence News!!!

Jan 8, 2002
Ok, so we met with the man Brian Slagel today. Our next CD is going to be called Helping The World To See, and should be available by the first quarter of 2004. It will have CD-ROM shit on it, like live footage of the God Was Created tour/s, and an actual video we plan to shoot for "Kill For God". And will come with an attractive price tag of only $9.98!!! We are also going to be on an upcoming Metalblade compilation (Uncorrupted Steel II). It will feature a Vehemence track but not sure if it will be a GWC track, or a new song demo version. Well thats the big breakdown for y'all. No tour plans anytime before the next CD. We will be doing shows here in Phoenix of course, and may do some semi-nearby dates with Impaled. We'll keep you posted!
It will definantly have to be rushed, that would be great to finally have some multimedia on our disc. I was real impressed with Creation Is Cruxifiction cd-rom cd, they had this lil video game looking thing to go through-pretty weird stuff. Too bad they broke up, some members when to Zao I heard.