In Flames Supporting Metallica At Earls Court, London?


Dead By Xmas
Feb 5, 2003
a couple of people have told me that In Flames will be supporting Metallica on 20/12/03 in London, UK

i'm not sure if this is true as it says nothing about it on the Metallica site or In Flames site,
has anyone else heard anything?
Damn... that would be a must see... Screw mettalica but in flames... hmm.... Oh wel, it would be one better than last time as i had to endure American Head Charge and Slipknot to see them...

//Sirob LeRoi
dude... if thats true, I am so going. I've been waiting to see In Flames for ages, its been a while since they've come to the UK. Fuck Metallica though.
dude, old in flames is damn good, but i sawl them about like 3 months ago with gay ass mudvayne, and half of their set was R2R, i was pissed.. i wanted whoreacle and shit... BASTARDS
Even if Godsmack are opening, that doesn't mean In Flames aren't playing, just necessarily haven't confirmed it yet. They're allowed to have more than 1 opener y'know.