Graveless Soul

Tranquility Personified
Jun 8, 2001
Just wondering if anyone had heard any stuff that Mikael has claimed to be influneced by? Such as early progressive bands such as Cressida, Fantasy etc...

Porcupine Tree are also well worth a mention, one of the most amazing bands ever!! Believe me, they are well worth checking out!

Just wondering what anybody else thought...
He said in an interview that he wanted to tour with King Diamond.
I have never heard him, only of him, does anyone know how he sounds like?
I love "Rhayader" by Camel. I found the song as someone (accidentally?) labeled it as being by Opeth. I was like "Wha... another cover I've never heard of? No... that's not right. Someone made a mistake...". It's very cool, though. Happy. I listen to so much "negative-emotion" music all the time that a happy song every once in awhile seems just great.
Just heard Porcupine Tree's Don't Hate Me and Stop Swimming...beautiful songs, I think all Opeth fans should give this band a listen. Can't wait for the album to arrive, and I'll probably end up ordering Lightbulb Sun and Signify soon...

Well, more Camel than King Diamond..

I listened nearly every song of Camel, and both the lyrical and musical influences are very much.. Some of the best Camel songs..

the White Rider
Never Let Go
Lady Fantasy
Mystic Queen